Cheers to a New Year ~ What 2016 taught me!

Anyone there? I won’t be surprised if no one is…. it’s been a minute (and a half) since I showed up to my little space on the interwebs, and boy has life been a roller coaster (understatement) since then.

For a lot of people 2016 has been a challenging year. I guess every year is challenging, but I’m with those folks who could not wait to see (and kiss) the backside of 2016. Not even kidding.

To briefly recap my life’s happenings, after my trip to Barbados in August, I had the most horrendous breakup (another understatement) which I’m now genuinely thankful for (sidenote – that story is so legitimately effed up that I could write a book about it), I’ve made great strides in work, I lost a childhood friend, I’ve lost weight (only to gain back a few pounds at Christmas), ran a couple 5ks and have started dating again. Yep in 4 months I’ve taken the biggest roller coaster ride of life, up and down and round and round – but I’ve come out alive and I did learn a lot about myself and about, well, life.

What have I learnt? In short, quite simply life comes with its ups and its downs – there is no escaping it. Everyone has trials and burdens and bullshit and if they pretend they don’t, they’re lying. Life isn’t all unicorns and poptarts folks – lemme tell ya! Perhaps the most important thing though is that maintaining a positive attitude will make life and it’s ups and downs a whole lot more manageable.

Yeah I know that’s easier said that done – I know this because I’ve had to force a positive attitude through lots of the BS of this past year. It’s doable though. And if you need help to do it, seek it. No shame in getting the help of friends, loved ones, heck a therapist, whoever. Just get your mind in the positive place it should be and that roller coaster ride might actually be enjoyable.

At least for me, it was. I’m now quite enjoying the ride that is life.

As I enter 2017, my prayer and hope is that I keep this positive mindset and that I thrive because of it. A new year doesn’t mean the old BS disappears (which is why I don’t do resolutions), but it does however, even if only symbolically, mean that there’s a chance to reset.

Cheers to new beginnings and to a positive attitude though the ups and downs of 2017!

Happy New Year guys!!


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