10 Podcasts I’m Currently Obsessed With

So, I’m currently obsessed with Podcasts, and listen to them all the time. All the time. My commute to work in traffic is 1.5 hours both ways (yes I spend half my life in traffic on a tiny Caribbean island – the irony is not lost on me). I also listen at the gym, when running (even though I haven’t run in some time), when cleaning, at the beach and sometimes even in my office with the door closed. Soooo, I thought I’d share some of my favourite podcasts, in all the genres and hopefully you find some good recommendations in here. Let’s be honest though, these are by no means all the podcasts I have or currently do listen to – its obsessive over here, but these are some of my faves.

Full disclosure, the lawyer in me leans towards True Crime and drama but I don’t discriminate when it comes to the podcasts I listen to. In other words, I listen to errything. 

True Crime


I’m not American, but I have visited many times. My dad’s sister and brother lives in Boston and on one of my visits I heard about this strangler that once terrorised Boston a loooong time ago. I was (and am) obsessed with the story and my legal heart skipped a beat when I realised there was a whole podcast dedicated to the story of the Boston stranglers. I could barely stop listening to this podcast and was honestly sad when it was done after 12 episodes.


This podcast had 9 episodes and again I was sad when it was over. It was about the unsolved murder of a woman called Elizabeth Andes in Ohio. If you love a good true crime podcast, you’ll love this.


I think everyone who listened to Serial and the story of Adnan Syed (I still follow it) knows about this one. The first season continued where Serial left off, and seasons 2 and 3 focused on other potentially wrongfully accused persons. Good podcast and the episodes are not short so I could listen to one the whole journey to work.

Up and Vanished

This story started as another run of the mill 10 year old unsolved disappearance story, and then halfway through the podcast, someone was arrested for the murder. Ok, so ill admit that Im not sure why this one is on the list – I have a love hate relationship with it. Its overly dramatic and overdone. But its current and I want to know the answers dammit. So I listen.

Religious / Inspirational

Joel Osteen

This is probably my all time favourite podcast. Godly inspiration/motivation once a week. I listen every Monday on the way to work. Even If you’re not spiritual or religious I think you should listen to this one.



Everyone and their mama’s cousin has listed to S-Town, I know, I know – but i had to include this tragic, funny, sad, historical, story-telling emotional roller-coaster of a Podcast which follows the story of a man who wanted to bring attention to his small town in the South. Guys this one.


My dad wrote a porno

Guys this podcast is HILARIOUS. No joke. Its the most funny podcast ever. Like. EVER.

I’ve mentioned it before – its narrated by a British guy with commentary by his two friends. The main narrator’s dad actually wrote a series of pornos but they aren’t tyical. They’re absurd and ridiculous and you really should listen.



Im not sure why I’m so obsessed with relationship podcasts, but I am. This one is narrated by a former divorce lawyer who saw many couples breakup in his time and wanted to interview couples who are together (from a variety of backgrounds) to see why couples stay together. It’s on a break now but I absolutely love the interviews he does.

The dating den

This Podcast is your typical dating podcast. The narrator helps women with their dating issues and drama. Pretty entertaining the stories/dating disasters you hear on this one. It will keep you entertained that’s for sure.

Home Improvement

Young House Love has a Podcast

So at one point, Young House Love was my favourite blog, and when I found out they had a podcast, I had to listen. I just had to. Like their blog, they talk about home improvement and all things house. I hope to be able to buy a home sometime in the near future so, yep. love.

So this post turned out to be a lot longer than originally anticipated. You can click on the names of each podcast to listen if you wish.

I mean it when I say I’m obsessed with podcasts lately. Let me know if you listen to podcasts, or to any of these. Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones? Im always looking for new recommendations.

Have a great Wednesday guys!!


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