Caribbean Life ~ Maracas Beach Day

A couple weekends back I went to the Maracas beach – the nicest beach in my island – and took some photos that I just had to share. It’s a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains. The coastline is long and on any given weekend, the entire stretch of the beach is filled with people, energy and … life.

Living in the Caribbean, you would think I go to the beach often, well, to be honest thats not exactly the case. Or it wasn’t the case anyway. First of all, this beach is a forty-five minute drive (give or take) from my home. Secondly, I was just not much of a beach person. And so for many years, months and months would go by before I even saw the beach.

Recently, I’ve been going a lot more. Truthfully, we can chalk that up to the fact that my Romanian boyfriend, being not from the Caribbean, is still fascinated by beach life (… and is ridiculously tanned/burnt as a result).

I guess I just took it for granted that the beach is always there, and that I could visit when I wanted to.  I mean frankly, as Caribbean islands go, Trinidad (where I live) is not known for its beaches anyway – its more known for its oil, which actually makes our waters neither as crystal clear nor nearly as blue as other islands.

Still, its beautiful.

Lately, I’ve begun to appreciate living near the Caribbean sea, and having access to the glory that is the ocean at a moments notice so much more. I’ve begun to be grateful for Caribbean life and the blessing that it is to live in the land of endless summer. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it as much as I do now.

The beauty, the greenery, the sea, the sand, the people, the calm – everything is just so beautiful. Seeing the beauty of my land from my foreign love’s eyes, has made me appreciate what was around me all along.

Also, and this has to be said, there are few things in life that are as relaxing as lounging on the beach, book in hand, drink at hand and waves in the distance.

Few things.

Do you live near the ocean? Do you visit the beach often? I’d love to hear.

Have a great Tuesday guys!!


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