Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 1

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It’s no secret that coffee is my love language – ask anyone around me. In my absence, I noticed these posts all over blogland (See: AmberAlyssa and Olya), and I thought I could borrow the idea as an easy way to update on life’s happenings. I hope that’s ok. Linking up with Kristen and Gretch.

If we were having coffee I’d first tell you well, how I like my coffee. I like it black, one sugar, no milk. When I’m feeling for a coffee treat, I ‘ll have a Starbucks frappe – whatever kind I feel for on that day. But since I’m not a milk drinker by nature, thats a 3 times a year kinda deal. So today, its black for me. How do you have yours? I don’t judge, we’ll order whatever you like.

When we relax a bit, I’d tell you that life these days is pretty good. In general I mean. No ones life is always sprinkles and cupcakes – and they’re lying if they tell you it is – but for now, I am at peace with where life is taking me.

I’ll tell you how much I missed writing, creatively and here on the blog. I’ll tell you that writing is in my nature and journaling kept me busy while I was gone. I’ll tell you that I hope to never take a long absence again, though, short breaks are bound to happen. That’s life too. Ironically though, I chose to return when everyone seems to be on summer break lol.

I’ll tell you that in the earlier part of the year, I hadn’t been reading much, mainly because life is full and I couldn’t find the time to relax and sink into a book. I’ll tell you that a couple weeks back that changed and now, I’m back to immersing myself into good literature. Currently reading The Lake House by Kate Morton  which I bought on Saturday and still haven’t completed. Very unlike me to take this long on one book, but life evolves doesn’t it.

On that note, I’ll tell you that I’m still working pretty hard. Some days, too hard. I dream of a day where I can slow down. I still love my job, I guess I’m just going through a transition in my mind. If anyone was willing to pay me a buck or five to travel the world and write about it, I’d take them up on the opportunity. For now though, Im blessed to have the job I have and the opportunities I have been given and I’m trying my best not to complain about life’s blessings. Things can always be worse. I should also mention to you, I’ve found myself in a place of positivity these days and the bright side is where I reside, most of the times at least.

I’ve just topped my coffee up, I told you, I drink a lot of coffee.

Now where are we? I couldn’t possibly have a conversation without mentioning Chanel, my Diva kitty. She’s the child I don’t yet have. She’s spoilt, she’s a diva, and keeps me on my toes. I would tell you that I talk about her all the time, so I hope you don’t mind. I’d probably also mention that this week, my little brat child/cat evolved into a spider, climbed my curtains and sat on the ledge on top. If you didn’t believe me, I’d show you this photo:

Cute domestic shorthair

Finally, I’d tell you that I have a European trip planned for December and I’ve never been more excited. I’ve been to Europe in the winter before, but this time, hopefully, Ill see snow – for the first time. I’ll tell you I can’t wait to visit Romania, where my guy is from, and that I might also be able to talk him into taking me across the borders to Austria, a country that has always been on my list of places to visit. I literally can’t wait.

Well, my second cup is done, and I’ve probably talked your ear off by now, so I’d probably give you a hug (Im a hugger), pay for our drinks, thank you for your time and make plans for our next coffee date.

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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