Friday Favourites

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I actually can’t believe its Friday already. This week flew by. It was an up and down week if I’m honest. The bf left on Wednesday for a work trip – he’ll be gone for a few weeks and I can’t say I’m too happy about it. I was already anticipating him leaving so while sad, I was ok, but then in the first half of this week, my mum’s sister from NYC passed away (she’d been ailing for some time). Bummer. My mum left for NYC last night for the funeral and while I truly believe my aunt is in a better place, and not in any more pain – thats still just a lot of ‘leavings’ for one week. 

In spite of all of that, there was some good, so lets get to it.


Chanel, my (very spoilt) almost 4 month old kitten has to get her third set of shots this weekend. The dilemma is that I have never taken her to the vet on my own. Up till this point, the bf would go with me, we’d load her in the car and she’d sit on my lap. Well, he’s not here this week so I had to bite the bullet I was dodging and get a pet carrier. I went with this Pink Bergan Comfort Carrier. Its the cutest thing ever. Y’all I love pet stuff. Give me all the pet stuff. I got it yesterday and man I’m in love with it. Also, I’m well aware that I may be 2 steps shy of legit certifiably insane cat woman.

I chose that one but was these were also on my radar:

And in shopping for me news – every few years I splurge and buy a really good pair of sunnies. I can justify the price every few years because I live in the Caribbean / the land of endless summer and its rare that you’ll ever find me without sunglasses. Not an exaggeration – I live in sunnies. Well my current expensive pair (I have several cheapos) was bought in 2013 and its time. Its time. This baby is coming home to mama soon.:


I fly to Guyana in the first week of August for about 4/5 days. 

For those who don’t know, Guyana is technically in South America but is considered part of the Caribbean. It has never been on my radar as a choice travel destination, but a quick trip to see the bf, fly back with him and see a country I’ve never seen before? I’ll take it. Also I need a freakin’ vacation. Please and thanks.


The reviews are mixed, but these days, I’m not too focused on reviews and in fact, I’m almost tempted to read those with bad reviews to see what they’re all about. I’m picking up a few more books this week, because after a reading slump, Im back to my old tricks #readingislife.


This story about a man who declared his love for a girl while they were both in preschool and ended up marrying her had me all in my feelings. Oh and for good measure, he proposed at the preschool. The feels.

This story broke my heart – a heart transplant survivor passed away hours after giving birth last week. Hug your family tight folks. 



That’s it for me. I may do a bonus post tomorrow, more for me, with the photos from the beach last weekend, because I think I actually got some great shots. Until then.

Have a great weekend guys!!


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