On Finding Motivation

So, Im writing this post at way too late o’clock at night. By that I mean, by the time I hit publish, it will be a new day. But having just completed all the tasks that I had set out for the day – and the week thus far for that matter – I just had to sit and get my thoughts out, because its a good feeling to finally be able get stuff done again.

For the last couple weeks (or months – who’s counting), I seemed to have lost my motivation mojo. Literally, the little motivating angel on my shoulder took a plane and went on a dang vacation. I may have bought his ticket too. I’m usually fairly (read: really) organised with my time, and I guess I still was, but I just didn’t have the motivation or drive to do the ‘extra’. Work was fine, love life – fine, family time – fine, the cat – way more than fine, but things like gym, eating healthy, cooking, meal prepping, keeping up with cleaning, reading, well they kinda just stopped. Guys, when I don’t work out and don’t have motivation to exercise and eat well, my mood takes a deep sea dive. 

Anyway, this weekend, there was a turning point and so far this week has been great. Lies. More than great – I’m literally killing it. Gym? done. House? clean. Lunch? Packed – for the rest of the week. This is not my first rodeo with losing my motivation to do the ‘extra’, and probably won’t be the last so I thought I’d share how I typically get myself back into gear.

1. Just start

Nike was on to something when they said ‘just do it’. I am a master procrastinator. I’ll delay and delay and delay and nothing will get done but once I start, things shift into place and I find that the thing I was delaying didn’t quite take as long as expected or wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Just start – it’ll get done and if it doesn’t, at least there’s progress. The best way to get motivated is to start.

2. Make a list then break down that list

… but start small. Im a list maker and a planner by nature but frankly sometimes lists can be annoying. I find that when I make a list, then take a big item off that list and break it up it becomes SOOOO much more manageable. Case and point – I literally had “clean kitchen” written on a list for days. Tonight I wrote “wash dishes”, “wipe counters”, “clean microwave”, “sweep”. Divided, they sounded much easier than “Clean kitchen” (which btw I may never write on a list again – Cleaning the kitchen has notoriously been my least favourite chore).

3. Journal thoughts

I can’t speak the praises of journaling enough. Writing thoughts down, clearing mind space and getting negative mumbo jumbo out of your head and onto paper is so important – at least to me. I remember a time when I used to think it was silly to journal thoughts but yeah – it really does help get rid of all the brain spam.

4. Reward yourself

Listen, I work better when theres a carrot dangling in front of me. Not a literal carrot (though that’s probably what I should be eating) but the metaphorical carrot. A reward. There’s absolutely no shame in promising yourself a reward for a job well done in my book. Heck if there were no medals or rewards would Usain Bolt still run? Well maybe – but you get my drift. Having a little light at the end of the tunnel, helps.

This past weekend and the beginning of this week, I journaled, broke down lists and started to get ish done. Can’t lie, I’m pretty pumped for the rest of the week. 

How do you stay motivated?

Have a great Wednesday guys!


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