Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol. 1

So, I’ve decided to start to share my weekend mainly in photos – few words. I was never any good at writing weekend posts, but sharing photos? Well, thats easier since I love them and I’m really trying to work on my photography skills, which I only get to do on the weekend (lets just ignore the fact that most of these pics are taken with my iPhone). An uptake of these posts (for me)? Ill actually remember what I did on weekends – seriously ask me what i did last weekend and I couldn’t tell you. I’ll say this though, since ‘writing’ this post, I realised that my weekends consist of lots of food – lots.  Heads up – this weekend I did a lot so post is photo heavy (understatement).

Friday night’s outdoor wine, Sushi and Teriyaki grill dinner:

Saturday lunch at home with a movie – grilled lamb, potatoes and salad. Danny and I watched A dog’s purpose and cried (yes both of us):

Saturday Evening dinner and drinks

Sunday beach reading day. We spent the entire day on the beach (photos actually taken with good camera):

I’ll do a full post on the beach day later this week because I took a million photos and they were absolutely stunning. 

If you got this far, kudos. I just love taking photos lately so apologies for the extraordinarily long photo post.

How was your weekend?

Have a great Monday guys!!


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