Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol. 2

I used to be one of those people who sat home and did nothing on the weekend, by choice, and now I find myself having too much to do. Seasons of life I guess. This weekend was busy, but not in a non-relaxing way – none of the things I did took too much energy out of me, it was just a lot of things packed in. As weekends go though, it was a good one. 

Here are some snapshots:

Friday after work Sushi

One of my bffs Nads and I grabbed sushi on Friday at a place we never tried. Guys, it was sooo good. I’ve always loved sushi but this was ridiculous – the best tasting sushi ever. They tasted as good as they looked. I posted a photo on my Instagram on Friday too. Sidenote – I just started using my blog’s Instagram. Would love if you’d follow it 🙂

the best sushi

godzilla roll

Took Chanel to the Vet

I mentioned on Friday’s post, that Chanel was due for her last set of shots this weekend. Pretty uneventful visit except for the fact that Chanel is a people person and doesn’t particularly like cats, or cats having her mama’s attention. The vet has a resident cat (a real cutie) that I always play with and Chanel was not having him on Saturday – hisses, puffed up tail and everything. For a four month old kitten, she has some sass.

The third picture was taken at home after the vet. I included it because – well i think my cat is cute.

4 month old kitten

sleepy cat

Visited my High School

I went to a really preppy girl school that happens to also be really old. Founded in 1870 old (hence the older building that’s being refurbished). Anyway, I was asked to join a mentorship programme for the Past pupils association and Saturday afternoon after dropping Chanel home, I went to my old stomping grounds for a meeting.

Bought a couple books

At some point after my meeting I stopped by a bookstore and picked up a couple books that everyone (but me) read. I’m currently whizzing through books and needed a few extra. Lets ignore the fact that I have tons on my kindle and shelf that I haven’t read.


Late night Starbucks run

My friend Tisha rang me up at around 8:30 Saturday night and asked me to go with her for coffee – Yes coffee at 8:30 – and yes I slept like a baby after. (I still hate milk and couldn’t even finish it)

Home with Dad

My mum is not in the country and neither is my bf. Naturally, I spent the entire Sunday relaxing with dad. No photos of that to share, but when I got back to my apartment I spent a good long time staring at the top of my desk trying to figure out what needs to go. In case you’re wondering, Im still pondering…. Oh, and I painted that photo at a group painting session – who knew I was artistic (I’m not).

Those are the snapshots of my weekend. How was yours?

Have a great Monday and week!


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