Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 2

If we were having coffee, I’d probably order a really strong one since its my first day back out to work in two weeks. I’d tell you that those two weeks off from work were glorious, a well needed rest as it was the first real vacation I’ve taken in two years. Last year, I only took 5 days off work and my brain was just about burnt out. This little break was welcome and enjoyed. Vacations are good for your mental health people. Take them.

I’d tell you that one of my favourite perks of this vacation was having time for people I love. Yesterday I ran errands and had lunch with my mum for the first time in a long time, and its these little things that make my heart smile. I mean, day drinking wine and having dessert with lunch should be mandatory for vacation days no? Just look at this deliciousness:

Over coffee, I’d probably also bore you silly with talk of my trip to Guyana. It was only five days but was surprisingly, a good time. I say surprisingly because I did have my reservations of going to this particular country. After all is said and done though, I’m so glad I went and experienced it. Bonus points for getting to spend time with Danny in another county. 

I took way too many photos and will be posting a lot more about it in the coming weeks. If you  followed me on Instagram (hint: you should), you’d probably have already seen a sneak peek of the things I did, but here’s a couple more photos … just because:

I’d also tell you over coffee that I read a ton on this trip, and while I missed Steph’s link up this month, Ill be sure to post all I’ve read in next month’s link up. Reading though? Still my peaceful place. Though I was in a slump reading wise for the last year or so, I’m so glad its a priority in my life again. It makes me just so happy.

I should and probably would also tell you that its my Birthday month and while in Guyana with Danny, flights may or may not – definitely may – have been booked for Barbados later this month. Yes, if you’re counting, that’s two international flights in one month. I absolutely love Barbados though, and I cannot think of any better way to spend my day than in Paradise with my partner in crime and life. It will only be for a weekend, we’ll be leaving on a Thursday night and be back on Sunday. Short and sweet.

Now that we’re all comfortable and I’ve had my coffee fill, I’d probably tell you about one of the most exciting life changes happening. If I’m honest there are a lot of life changes in the works (stay tuned) but the one i’m talking about, is that Danny and I found a sweet and huge two bedroom apartment in a great area, for a great price, with the best view ever and we’re moving in on September 1st … literally a couple days after we return from Barbados. My current apartment is a tiny one bedroom with the smallest kitchen and living area (possibly on this planet). Walking from one end to the next would likely take 30 seconds. This new apartment though has sooo much space, I literally don’t even know what I’d do with it. I’ve honestly been searching Pinterest for “how to organise a big kitchen” and am planning to walk through my parents own huge kitchen to see what my mum has where… because what the heck do you do with actual kitchen space? If you have any kitchen organisation tips, point me to it. Please. I am welcoming all tips!

Finally, if we were on a coffee date, I’d tell you that I’m just so grateful for my blessings these days. I’ve always been a pretty positive person and even after a rough few years I managed to keep on keeping on, but right now, its beyond that. I am happy. Truly happy. And that just feels good. God is good.

Now whats been happening in your neck of the woods?

Have a great weekend guys!!


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