An overview of my trip to Barbados

I took the photo above from the back balcony / beach exit of our hotel in Barbados. It pretty much sums up the trip – Serene perfection. I love Barbados and spending my birthday there was pretty sweet. Honestly this may be the best birthday I’ve had yet.

This trip was a complete contrast to my trip to Guyana a few weeks prior. I enjoyed both of course, but they are very different countries. I thought I’d give an overview of our entire trip today, but expect Barbados overload in the next couple weeks. Hey, I took a lot of photos and they must be shared. As with all my travel posts, this is photo heavy.

The Flight:

Barbados is typically a one hour flight from where we are. The flight this time was probably the only downfall of the trip. We had tickets booked for Thursday evening at 5 pm. I had a mediation session for work that day that was supposed to end at 12, but never ended until 3 pm. Long story short, I had to race to the airport in my work clothes, meet up with Danny and leave my car in the airport for the duration of the trip. ha!

On top of that, when we finally got on to the flight, it was diverted to St. Lucia for an emergency. What was to be a one hour flight took 3 hours, and I was in my work clothes for entirely too long… Still, we made it:

How long we stayed?

We left on Thursday night and returned on Sunday night, we stayed roughly three days and three nights.

Where we stayed?

Since this trip was pretty last minute (planned impromptu while we were in Guyana), we chose to stay in a great location, but in a more budget friendly hotel. We ended up staying at Dover Beach Hotel, which is located near the Gap (where the most popular bars and restaurants are) and which shares a beach strip with Sandals Barbados – for a very reasonable cost. I only have a rough iPhone photo of the front of the hotel, but it was beautiful.

What we did:

A lot! We packed a lot into out three day trip. Of course, we spent most of it at the beach! I have a whole post planned on the beaches we visited but to summarise, we rented a car and drove around to my favourite beaches (I’ve been to Barbados several times). One of the highlights of all the beaches we went to? I got to hold and pet a monkey! I mean … life made.

On one of the days, we took a boat trip to swim with turtles. Except, neither Danny nor I wanted to actually jump into the water to swim with turtles, but we got a boatride out of it!

We also spent lots of time day drinking at bars on the beach…

Ate lots of (great) foodon evenings …

And drove around the island to catch the sunset.

Finally,  the purpose of the trip – my birthday which fell on the Saturday. I rang in my birthday with drinks and a night at a club (!!!). Yes a club. On the actual day of my birthday, I spent it at the beach, day drinking.

If you asked me, it was the absolute perfect birthday getaway. I could have posted 100 more photos to this one post, but I think you’re all probably photo’d out by now, so i’ll save them for another post.

Have a great Monday guys!!


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