Moving sucks and other life updates

The last time I checked in, I was on my way to Barbados for an epic birthday weekend. I think we can all agree from the above photo that a weekend in paradise is simply the best kind of weekend. It was an awesome trip and I have so much to tell you about it. Barbados updates coming in force. PS, have I mentioned that I love Barbados. 

I’ll be honest, its hard for me to look at that photo without thinking about how quickly paradise can be destroyed. While Barbados, my island and many other more southern Caribbean islands were spared from the wrath of Irma, many of our brothers and sister up the isles have been affected, with very little (international) news coverage of just how bad the destruction really was. It honestly pains me. Caribbean people are resilient though, and we shall rebuild.

Anyway, my birthday was fantastic. I mean, it was easily the best birthday I’ve had in years. I spent it in Barbados with my love and couldn’t ask for much more. I’m also super pumped that he bought me the one item on my wish list, a fitbit. A purple one at that. I think ill keep this guy. Forever – more to come on that too.

In other news, I’m all moved into my new apartment. Sidenote: if you are planning a move, however big or small, for the love of all things good, don’t plan it after a vacation. We moved two days after we returned from Barbados. Two. Days. That meant packing up an, albeit small, apartment and schlepping all our belongings over to the new place in less than 48 hours while having yanno, jobs to go as well. I’ll be the first to admit that it was a whole disaster and I probably shed a tear or two. Im not a cryer so thats saying something. I’ll blame it all on the fact that I had vacation brain and was in no mood to pack or unpack a thing. The result? Things were absolutely everywhere for the better part of a week, there may or may not still be some things in my car, and ill be damned if I ever find my nail clippers or if those clothes dumped in the second bedroom ever find their way into a closet. 

On top of that, my internet didn’t get sorted till just last week, and with that my ability to post blogs  went out the window. Its been a process but things are happening. Im planning on doing a full tour on the blog when its all settled. It’s a lovely place with the best view (see grainy terrible photo below), which undoubtedly makes all the troubles worth it.

I have so much more to update on, but I’m writing this on Sunday night, and I have to run off to tend to my kitten who was spayed yesterday and managed to rip off her stitches …


Edit after re-reading post: Real talk, this sounds like a post complaining about a lot of things. I’m tempted to not even post it. Putting things in perspective after all the devastation of the past few weeks, things could be a lot worse.  I’m very grateful that the biggest upset in my life right now is a room full of clothes that needs to be packed away. Some people would love to have a roof over their heads right this moment. That is not lost on me.

Have a great Monday guys!


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