Things I Enjoy

I recognize that there are a few new faces around the blog recently and since I haven’t done one of these in a while, I thought it might be nice to do a “about me” post and share some things about myself. P.S. kinda sorta borrowed the style of post from Steph (one of my favourite blog reads), in case it looks familiar.

Things I enjoy:

Black Coffee

A good book on a good day (I haven’t done a ‘books’ post in some time (soon), but this English major turned lawyer will always be a reader)


Potato chips and dip



Satire in any form …

Writing (I still am writing and will probably finish my first novel by the time I’m 40. Little under a decade to go #setgoals #ha #iwillfinishthough)

Sipping on my favourite drinks – Wine, scotch, Hennessy and sometimes vodka


Danny and his jokes (kinda really like him)

Listening to Podcasts (my current favourites here)

Cooking (most days)

My cat (check her out on Instagram – she’s the cutest)

My parents

Being an attorney (on most days)

Long car drives

Decorating my apartment

Trash TV (the trashier the better – my brain works hard enough during the day, with a couple exceptions, I don’t need to sit watching anything stressful at home)

Game of Thrones (An exception to the rule above)

Chatting with my sister, nephew and niece who live in Australia

Washing clothes (read: NOT folding and putting away clothes, just washing – it calms me)

Fast cars

Running (when I’m lighter than my current weight)


My face (I mean, I only have one, might as well love it)

The beach


There’s a whole bunch more that I could add to that list, but when I think of true enjoyment, I think of these.

What do you enjoy? I’d love to hear!

Have a great Wednesday!!


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