Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol. 4

I had a travel post scheduled for today, but whenever I actually whip out my camera (or phone) and take photos over the weekend, I feel compelled to share them. So here we are.

These are the snapshots of my weekend:

1. Global Shapers #Heart4Climate

There’s a lot I do in my ‘real life’ that I keep off the blog. Mainly work stuff and my involvement in charities or international organisations. This one was pretty cool though, so I thought I’d share it. An international organization that I’m involved in (its called Global Shapers – there’s one in almost every country – and in the US, every state. You can google it and if you wish, contact your local hub; its an amazing organization) ran a Climathon this weekend in light of how badly the Caribbean has been affected by hurricanes in the last couple months. We collected non-perishable items as well as seeds and other agricultural items to help the affected islands and countries regroup and regrow. Our hub along with hubs in some other countries, formed human hearts as we stood in worldwide solidarity for our planet and doing what we can to make a difference. The French Ambassador attended and such made a great speech – it was just an amazing Saturday morning. This isn’t the official drone photo of the heart – this was taken with a 360 cam but I quite like it so I posted this one :). (that was a longer paragraph than probably necessary.)

2. Italian Date Night

Danny and I haven’t been out on a real sit down date in weeks.  He was out of the country for a few weeks and well, weddings are expensive. Saturday night we decided to put on marginally cute clothes and actually go to a restaurant. Italian it was.

3. Sunday Beach

I know many people appreciate having 4 seasons, and some days I wish I did too. However, I feel very very fortunate to live in a place where going to the beach in October (or any month for the year) is not unusual. I had my usual bake and shark (a local beach must eat) and we stayed for a couple hours.

4. Ice cream

In Friday’s post I mentioned that I’m not an ice-cream lover but found my ice-cream ~ that ice cream that got me understand why people made such a big deal about frozen flavoured milk (I still don’t fully get it honestly). Anyway, we bought a tub on Sunday night.

Its still good. 

Hope you all had the best weekend!!

I have a big judgment today (another IRL work thing) positive thoughts are welcome 😀

Have the best Monday and week!!


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