Winter Travel must haves ~ what I purchased

winter must haves

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It’s no secret at this point that in a couple weeks I’ll be heading off to Romania (and Germany). I may have never seen snow, but I certainly have experienced winter. On my last trip to Europe in January 2012 or so, the temps got down to about -5 (celsius). Pretty cold, at least to me. While that was a while ago, I do remember I was less than prepared for the cold (and the wind!!!) so for this trip, I’m determined to be as prepared as possible.

A couple weeks back I hopped online and binge shopped for all my winter travel essentials (since I basically have none). On my list were jackets, boots, gloves, scarves, pjs and clothes. Now while its a three week trip, I was conscious of two main things – I didn’t want to spend too much since I won’t need them again for quite some time (we do plan to visit Europe again in the winter but I clearly don’t live in four season country) and they needed to be able to comfortably fit in my suitcase. I think I succeeded in getting everything I needed, at a reasonably cost, and it all fits!

These are my winter travel must haves:

winter gear

winter gear

Coats / Jackets

This olive green hooded jacket was the first coats I fell in love with, because I liked the faux fur look. After looking at what feels like thousands of coats I went right back and snapped it up. I love the look and feel of it. This was a bit pricy and its a little bulky, but I needed a really warm coat considering the temps we are expecting. I plan to pack this one in my hand luggage so I can whip it out when I get to Germany (long layover in Munich on the way and staying in Frankfurt for two days on the way back) and Romania.

I typically only wear black, but Danny convinced me to purchase this gorgeous navy hooded jacket. Its not too thick and rolls up perfectly in the suitcase. Although its not thick, it does feel warm and is comfortable. Its also just a really pretty colour blue. 

Finally, I bought this this really stylish black coat for the not so cold days. Danny insists it won’t keep me warm on really cold days unless I layer it up, but I loved it too much not to purchase it and winter doesn’t mean you can’t look cute right? This also won’t take up too much room in the suitcase. We’ll see how it works out but theres a big bonus in that I can wear this jacket here when I get back paired with a dress or shorts or mini! 


Buying any kind of footwear for me is a task since I wear size 5. Boots are also my main concern space wise in terms of packing. Since my feet are pretty small though, it works out well even though the boots I purchased were a bit bulky. I’m also only packing two boots for the entire 3 weeks and will rotate them as necessary.

When I was looking for boots, I knew because I’m 4’11” I didn’t particularly want tall boots, in spite of the recommendations, because tall boots stunt me. Also, I figured if I bought short boots, I could wear them here! I bought a black pair of these sleek boots and absolutely love them. P.S. I read the comments  / reviews on these and went up half size on these.

These Skechers winter boots are also nice and so so so comfortable. I may or may not have been wearing them up and down the house ever so often. I really wish we had cold weather here just so I could wear them all the time. These are for the snowy Romanian winters in the mountain.


My mum who has travelled way more than I have, has quite a few scarves and will be lending me a couple for the trip. I did want a new set so I scooped up this scarf and hat combo in the grey colour (pictured above) that I really love. They are soft and take up minimal space packing wise.

Since I’ll be sleeping at the in-laws house for the first time for two of the three weeks (one week Danny and I will be going to the mountains of Romania to stay at a cabin) I scooped up this this long sleeve pyjama set in black and this set in the lavender and grey colour. Obviously I can wear these back home (without the long pants – who am I kidding).

I bought this pack of winter socks (not pictured above). So many cute colours and so cute!

Last but not least, I bought these really cute black gloves. I love the buckle detail!

Other than that, I also bought a few long sleeve tops, leggings, a couple of dresses and a couple of jeans (I don’t wear jeans, but when in Rome) but will link those in future posts I suppose. Like I said, I plan to have one carry on and one checked bag. Packing post coming in the next few weeks.

Is there anything else you would pack for a winter trip / you find essential during the winter? Be sure to let me know!!

Have a great Wednesday!


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