2017 ~ Year in Review

When I think of my life I can pinpoint landmark years. I’ll be showing my age here, but in 1996 I started high school, in 2003 I started my first undergrad degree and finished that degree in 2006. I finished law school in 2011. Those are all years I clearly remember. The most notable year is 2014 – the worst year of my life – the year I lost my sister and best friend…. the year that until this year, was where the landmarks ended.

I prefer to be lighthearted on this blog but if we were to get deep, in many ways 2017 had breathed new life into me and has brought my happy back! I was a zombie for a minute after 2014, and faking it till I make it for a couple years thereafter. I can say that in 2017 I made it and I’ve been truly happy. Here are some highlights in photos:

1. I got a cat!

My year wouldn’t have been the great year its been without my baby Chanel (nicknames: Bugs, Nella Bells, Smella, Snella, Chanella Bella, Diva). I couldn’t love an animal more – although I’m currently trying to convince Danny that cat number 2 is a good idea. He’s not having it – yet.

2. I Got engaged

Speaking of Danny, in many ways he’s been the highlight of my year. This was also the year he asked me to be his wife and we moved in together. I wish everyone can know this guy, he’s the absolute sweetest person I know and has such a genuine tender heart. I can’t wait to say ‘I do’ in a few short months (although I suck at wedding planning).

3. We moved into a new apartment

I had lived in my old apartment for 5 years or so, so it was a big deal to move out of it! I love our new place and all the traditions/memories already being made there.

4. I traveled to four countries

This year I went to Guyana, Barbados, Germany and Romania (more on Germany and Romania in January).

I can give a little spoiler though on my trip to Romania though ~ I saw snow. Lots of it:

5. I Decided to blog again

When life and blogging about it became a chore, I stopped. In July of this year I stepped back into blogging after not blogging much in 2016 (a total of 19 times) and not blogging at all for the first half of this year. I plan to keep it up. I adore this little space and I’m excited to post even more next year…. fingers crossed ha!

Cheers to 2018 may it be even better than 2017!


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