A few Random Things

I swear I didn’t mean to disappear this month. But when you choose ‘wellness’ as your word for the year, you struggle through sickness in January. Yep, that’s basically been the last three weeks for me.  I actually took four sick days last week. Four!!! That has never happened before. Its been rough, but the light at the end of the tunnel is here and I’m emerging. *jazz hands* (apologies for any unanswered comments from my last post – ill get to them). 

Anyway, today is a super random chatty post, because I thought “I cant only have one post for January, when I just posted that a goal of mine was 7/8 posts per month this year.” So here are a few random things just because:

1. We booked tickets back to Romania for May to head to Danny’s cousin’s wedding. We may have also booked tickets from Romania to Greece for a few days for our honeymoon. We weren’t planning on going on a honeymoon this year actually, as we just got back from Romania and had to head back there right after the wedding … #expensive. We recently started to toy with the idea of driving from Romania to Greece since we would be there anyway. Randomly yesterday we found cheap flights and that was it. It was all very last minute and hella random but if you know me at all you know Greece is numero uno on my travel bucket list. I now cannot think of anything else but this:

Source: pixabay.com

2. Every Thursday for the past few months, even before we left on vacation, Danny and I have been grilling steak. Its become tradition I think. (random: Tuesday night fish – which we also tried – hasn’t stuck). I know this is completely random but I think I have perfected the art of steak at this point and it had to be documented. Last night was probably the best one yet. I didn’t get a photo of last nights steak (I wolfed that thing down), so here’s a photo from a month or so ago:

3. It’s Carnival season here, so lots of parties and events are happening around me. I finally feel ‘good’ enough to head out so this weekend will be a doozy. I plan to go to two fetes (parties) and also have a wedding. Pray for me. 

Somewhere in between the parties this weekend, I will find the time to edit my first batch of photos from my trip in December. I also have a Romanian recipe to edit featuring my mother in law (she is literally in the photos) that I cant wait to share!

Anyway that’s all for me today …

Have the best weekend guys!!


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