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Pictured above – things I want but cannot eat. Ha!

Originally I planned to post my December / January pics from Romania and Germany today in one long blog post since I have so many trips to update the blog on. Problem is I seemed to have forgotten how long sorting and editing pictures could be. Rusty blogger fingers over here. Since I have so many things I’ve been loving lately I thought I’d post these instead.

** These items contain affiliate links.

1. Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched face base – For months I had been looking for the perfect primer for my oily skin. Of all the ones I tried, this has be the best. It is so good. Definitely more of a splurge item as primers go but it really does the job. I swiped this up after I a recommendation made by a makeup Youtuber.

2. NYX shine killer – When I’m not using the primer above, I use this shine killer by NYX as a primer. I need all the help I can get in the shine department and for the reasonable price that it is, it does the job.

3. Stainless Steel Straws – I am obsessed with stainless steel straws. I’m trying to be more conscious about my environmental footprint and while I’ll never be vegan (sorry vegans don’t hate me), every little helps. Bonus that water seems to taste so much better through them. Or maybe thats just me.

4. YETI Tumbler – Finally jumped on this bandwagon too. I love my YETI cup and Im still amazed that my water stays cold all day long – even if I leave it in the car in 85 degree Caribbean weather!

5. Anti Blue Light Glasses – I have 20/20 vision but my eyes have been getting irritated on days spent mostly behind a computer screen … which is basically every day. These have been a HUGE help. They’re not tested or anything they just block out the blue light. My eyes are now happy.

6. Pet Grooming Gloves -Guys. This is a game changer for any household with a dog or cat. I NEVER purchase things from FB or Instagram sponsored ads but these kept popping up everywhere. It happened to catch me on a bad (good?) day – Chanel was shedding a bunch and I was legit going to lose my mind. I love my cat but for two seconds considered shaving her bald. SO MUCH HAIR. So I made the best stupid decision Ive ever made and bought an item from a random sponsored FB post.

And it actually worked.

My hands are tiny and can’t fully fit in the glove but …. details.

By the way, I switched my comments to Disqus for comments on the blog. Jury’s out on whether I like it. Getting emails feel more personal and conversational, but in some ways replying on the post is much easier than responding to emails. For now it stays. 

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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