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I was editing photos from Romania and stumbled upon this picture I took of a cute souvenir shop in Old Town Bucharest. No relation to the post, its just cute. Anyway, my weekend was, with the exception of a couple trips to the grocery and car wash, spent indoors watching the World Cup finals matches, scanning Etsy for a new reasonably priced blog design (which you probably noticed) and reading. Really unusual for me, but at least I got a chance to start and finish one book, almost complete another and take a couple naps. That’s a good weekend if you ask me (especially the naps). But on to more important things – today is Amazon Prime Day!

I know the big thing for the past couple weeks have been the Nordstrom sales but Amazon Prime Day and all the things available in this particular sale makes my thrifty heart flutter. Amazon Prime Day is my fave US sales day since Amazon is my most used source for online shopping. Its just easier for me, someone who doesn’t live in the US, to find everything in one place. In case you missed where I mentioned it in the past, since I don’t live in the US, I use whats called a ‘skybox’ service, where I pay a yearly fee to have a PO Box in the US and things delivered there are shipped to me by a local company (sounds complicated but its totally normal – I get things within the week).

That’s how I enjoy all these sales etc from so far away, its also why I’ve been a Prime member for years, and why I wait for these sales (though  spoiler – I messed up by buying one of these things a week to early).

Prime Day sales start @ 3pm ET today and this is what Im hoping to get in the sale.

My Amazon Prime Day Picks:

For Home:

** Instapot –  I’ve been seeing this everywhere and since i’m on my new diet and cook every single day, I’m hoping this helps to ease the burden. I love to cook but will take any assistance when I’m tired during the week. I hear this will be on crazy sale so I’m looking out for it!


** Bose wireless speakers – I’ve been wanting this for years. We currently don’t really have a home entertainment system apart from our TV’s, playstation and apple products. Since we plan to purchase a home and move in the next year, we wanted a small speaker to hold us over until when. This has great reviews and will be on sale. Ill be purchasing this unless I decide to purchase one of the next two items…

** Amazon Echo Show – This will me $129.99 during the Amazon Prime Day sale. That’s down from $229.00. That’s insane and we are very tempted to buy this! I mean .. that’s a huge difference.

** Amazon Echo Look – This is also super tempting as its a smaller version and more “me”. I don’t like clutter or big bulky things just everywhere. 

** Kindle Paperwhite – I mentioned above that I messed up and purchased one item before the sale. Its this. I have been using my OG Kindle Fire (legit the first one) forever and the battery life on that is out of whack so I caved and bought this. One week before the sale. I could kick myself. I mean, I could have saved $30.00 on this!! Yes the Kindle Paperwhite will be $30.00 off. 

** Kindle Oasis – I’m not really interested in this one honestly (too pricey for an e-reader imo), but from what I read this will be down to $209.00 during the sale. 

** Beats headphones or these Sony Headphones – Sweet baby Jesus I need one of these. These Beasts headphones were on my Christmas wish list if you remember. I really want these.


** Rose Gold Michael Kors watch – This is not a necessity but I do want it! If there’s any time to buy it, its now.

** 23andMe DNA test – I’ve seen these all over the place and if you know me I love history. My cousin already did a book on our descent from my father’s side of the family (all the way back to slavery) but I still want to know more. So, I’m purchasing this for me and Danny although he is pretty certain he will get 100% Romanian. lol.

This doesn’t fit a particular category per se, but in case you are interested like I was, you can get three months of kindle unlimited for .99. I personally am jumping on this one.

Ok that’s it, let me know what you think of the blog design.

Have a great week guys!!


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