Our Wedding Part 2 ~ The Details

Burgundy and gold wedding

So I finally got around to writing the follow up to our wedding ceremony and reception post (thanks for all the love on that post by the way). I always like to see the little details behind the scenes so I thought I’d share those. Guys, Im so long winded. This post was supposed to be short but, its not. Bear with me 🙂

A few general things of note. Our wedding colours were Burgundy, Rose gold and Gold (since my mother very nicely nixed my black and white decor plans pretty early in the game – “black is for funerals” she said. ha!). Turns out my second best option for a colour scheme was everything I could have hoped for – even if ‘rose gold’ had to translate to ‘pink’ in a lot of cases. I can’t imagine it any other way. Another thing. Our ceremony was outdoors and the reception was indoor/outdoor (semi-rainy day). There was an open bar (very important to me) and tons of food catered by the Marriott (ask me what was served and I can’t even remember – but there was a lot of it). Finally, there are a few affiliate link scattered in the post particularly when I show where I got something from.

The Venue:

The Decor

We wanted to keep the outdoor decor pretty simple. All I wanted was the arch to be pretty and the chairs to be white. We hired someone to decorate the arches, but there was no real decoration for the chairs etc. The place was pretty beautiful on its own with the palms and waterfall backdrop. I love how it turned out.

Burgundy and rose gold decor

Instead of candles, we chose to do eternity sand which we customised with our initials and new last name which I won’t type (so it won’t show up in a google search ha!) but you’ll see it – I adore my Romanian (hyphenated) last name :). We got the vases on Etsy and the ceremonial sand on Amazon.

Inside, the table decor was just what I wanted. Elegant and not gaudy. The table names were all Romanian cities – a simple touch to incorporate Romania (where Danny is from) into a very Caribbean wedding. The programme were made to look like fans (pictured on the table) and were in both Romanian language and English as another nod to my handsome groom (seriously he is so cute).

Burgundy and gold wedding

The Cakes

So I love my cakes. As is tradition, we had a Brides cake and a Grooms cake. The cake was one of those wedding things I really wasn’t interested in during the planning. I couldn’t care less  about the cake honestly, save that I wanted to to be red velvet cake. So my mum chose my cake and it was sooo beautiful. For the Groom’s cake, our requests were chocolate cake with Romanian colours. She had a Romanian flag cake made and I teared up when I saw it. Seriously I COULD NOT do this wedding without my mama.

Guest Canvas

I didn’t want a guest book. Who even looks at those after the wedding. No one. So I ordered this guest canvas instead off Etsy and some gold sharpies off amazon and boom we have something to hang on our wall. Its actually already framed and hanging.

wedding guest book

This was on an easel on the day – it was removed to take these photos

Wishing Well

Since we were living in sin well before the wedding date, we had most everything we wanted for the house already. So we had a wishing well instead of setting up a registry. I ordered this wishing well off Etsy. It was a bit plain if we’re being honest so my cousin lined it with Burgundy velvet fabric. Perfection.

The Favours 

When my sister got married years ago she gave out miniature wine bottles with labels customised with their wedding details. We loved that idea but the budget didn’t so we had cupcakes and custom stickers made and boom – wedding favour on a dime. We ordered this cupcake holder and these custom stickers.

The Extras:

The Invitation

I ordered our invitations off Etsy (see a theme here) and man they were better than I hoped. I have a few saved in our wedding memories box and I always go take a peek at them.

The Bridal Party Gifts

I ordered a custom bottle opener for the groomsman and shawls for the bridesmaids of Etsy (yes again). They loved them. There are some really cute options for bridal party gifts online by the way!

gifts for bridesmaids

gifts for groomsmen

The Bouquets

I showed my bouquet in the last post. I still think its the most beautiful bouquet ever (I didn’t throw it for the bouquet toss, I threw my sisters bouquet instead ha). I wanted Burgundy roses with accent flowers and I let my mum (who is a flower whizz) handle the ordering of that. The bridesmaids bouquets I asked my mum to think up and they were also gorge.

bouquet with roses

My Shoes

This was one of those things where I didn’t care too much – probably because I have tiny feet (size 5) and never find nice shoes in my size anyway. I wanted comfortable pretty gold-ish (but not too gold) shoes. I didn’t want fancy or strappy and wanted to be able to wear them again. I got these Nine West pumps for a steal and have worn them twice since. Boom.

Nine West shoes

I loved my day and love reliving it through these photos. I’ll probably do a couple more wedding posts sometime on how we saved costs and what traditions we followed and didn’t. But that will come later.

Have a great weekend guys!!


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