Our Wedding Part 1 ~ Ceremony and Reception

Burgundy rose gold and gold bouquet

My most perfect bouquet – made real flowers.  I still have it (though its now dead obvs).

I mentioned in this post that I got married, but I didn’t post any photos of the wedding on the blog – until now.

We got married on April 7th at the Marriott Hotel in Trinidad on a not so sunny, very windy but perfect day in front of 80 of our closest friends and family from around the world. We had people come in from Romania, Australia, USA, UK and more. I can’t tell you how blessed we feel to be so loved that people would fly from everywhere to share our day.

Lets start off in the morning. My heart was completely set on an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception but when I woke up, it was pouring rain. POURING. STORMING. And it poured for quite some time. While I was getting ready my mum came to me and told me that they were setting up an indoor space in the event that we couldn’t have the ceremony outdoors. Yeah no – that didn’t exactly sit well with me and I told them not to set up anything indoors – rain or shine I was doing it outdoors. I mean, at that point, after all the planning (which I did not enjoy), I was just set on having everything my way. I can be a spoilt brat I guess, whatever. Thankfully, the rain held up by the time the ceremony was ready to start and the day turned out perfectly.

Ok on to the photos. This is going to be a really long photo heavy post since I’m not splitting up the ceremony and reception. If you make it to the end I salut you.

The venue

The Hotel had a beautiful outdoor arch that we had decorated for the day and the ‘aisle’ had large palm trees lining the way. Guests sat on either side and it was so beautiful.

Burgundy and gold wedding decorations

Burgundy and gold wedding

Getting Ready

I got my makeup done with all of my bridesmaids in my hotel room, but when the time came for me to put on my dress, I wanted only my mum and sister to be there with me. It was such a special moment for me and I kinda wanted it to be private.

Danny got ready with his parents in another room on the other side of the hotel – I kept tradition here and didn’t see him before the wedding.

The ceremony 

The ceremony was, by my wishes, super short. We all walked down the aisle, the Pastor blessed us, we said our vows, did the unity sand and we were done. I think the whole thing lasted half an hour. Badabing Badaboom. I will say I love the photos of the guests stretching their hands to pray for us and I get emotional looking at the photos where my honorary bridesmaid, my late sister Kerry is featured.

Portrait shots during cocktail hour

During cocktail hour we stole away for portrait shots. First with the family at the hotel, and then the bridal party ran away to take some shots by the ocean. We LOVE these photos.

(**aside – look at the family shot. My dad and Danny who are bot 5’8 are the tallest people in the shot. I married into a family of people that are short like I am! for perspective, Im 4’11)

The reception

The reception was LIT! It was indoor and beautiful. There were only a few (very emotional) speeches. I didn’t want to many speeches or formalities, I just wanted a party, an open bar, lots of food to eat and a time to be had by all. We did our first dance to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and it remains my favourite part of the day.

I actually will not post too many photos of the actual partying since it got wild and I didn’t ask people’s permission to post them dancing to the floor ha! I will however say there was Romanian traditional dancing, Caribbean dancing and my girls and I, we had shots … lots of them.

Phew, that was a long post …

Just by mention – my wedding colours were burgundy, rose gold and gold. Navy for the guys.

… and these are just a few of the hundreds of photos from our very perfect day! We danced the night away!! Funny story – while there was lots to eat, Danny and I didn’t eat much. In the middle of the night after the party ended and guests left, we ran away from the hotel starving to find more food – we bought burgers. I was still in my dress. True story.

I have another post scheduled for next week with all the special little details that made the day uniquely us. My dress, shoes, bouquet, guest book, invites, the dual language programmes, the cakes (there was a Romanian flag cake), bridesmaid gifts etc will all be in that post.

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Have a great Thursday guys!!!


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