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I’ve been on a reading kick for the past few months, but I’m so bad at logging my reads as I should. My goodreads page is basically a deadzone and in no way reflects my reading status. I really need to go in and log all the books I’ve read for the past year.  But time.
That said, this particular month I didn’t read much. I maxed out at four books actually. It was a busy month of hearings at work and when the legal reading piles up, the leisure reading goes down. Thats just the way it goes around here.

Anyway, this is what I read this past month.

What I’ve read:


My main reads this month was the Jenny Han “To all the boys” Trilogy. Now I’m not the biggest YA fan but like I said, I wanted easy reading and I read rave reviews from a view people on instagram. I flew through these (except the last one). I like when there’s a complete series to read and I can read them back to back to get the full story. That said Im not sure this needed to be a trilogy.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before –  I really liked this book. Good character development and flow to the story. I really grew to love the Song girls (the half Korean girls that the book centred on) and the development of relationships was nicely done. I’d recommend this one.

P.S. I Still Love You – I liked this one as well although the story became a bit contrived by the end. When I finished this book, I felt like there really didn’t need to be a third one unless something dramatic was going to happen.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean – My prediction was right. This book just didn’t need to happen. Honestly. It was more of the same and dragged on. When my kindle said I was 67% done and the story hadn’t happened yet, I shamelessly googled a summary to see what the end was going to be – I was that annoyed. I still read it through but, yeah. This one wasn’t necessary, the first two would have been good enough.

I’d still recommend the series for anyone looking for a nice easy entertaining YA trilogy. Just know by the end of the last one you may be a bit … underwhelmed. Started strong though!

The Hate U Give –  Angie Thomas

Like everyone else I loved this book. I actually started this one a way back in December, but in a very unlike me fashion (when I start a book I need to finish it … and in one read), I put it aside for later because it was pretty heavy. I picked it back up this month (re-started it and read it through). I 100% recommend this for everyone to read, it gives a pretty detailed look into race culture and relations. She did a great job of making an entertaining read out of a tragic and sore topic.

Up next:

This is my last month of work at my current job so things are pretty intense as I organise files to hand over while dealing with the last of my hearings before my exit. Im honestly not sure how much reading will be done in the next month but I am really in a reading mood so im going to try to read from my Kindle stash. I’m thinking I’ll start a Liane Moriarty tonight since she’s always an easy read for me. They’re both on my kindle already but you tell me – which would you recommend I start first?? Let me know in the comments!


Thats it for me. Pretty minimum reading by my standards but its something.

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Have a great Tuesday guys!!


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