Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 8


If we were having coffee, I’d order my usual (black, no sugar, by choice) and nothing else (because #diet) and tell you about life lately.

First off, I know I did this yesterday but lets acknowledge again that we’re in the best month of the year. It’s officially birthday month for me! I haven’t always been the biggest fan of birthdays but in recent years, celebrating my birthday month has become priority – you only get one special “its all about you” day a year and heck, you should enjoy it. Last year we went to Barbados for a few days and this year we’re heading (back to) Romania. I can’t quite believe I’ll be 33 this year, but I’m thankful for these happy days and hopefully years to come. Thirties have been fabulous to me.
As for our upcoming trip, we leave much later this month and will be flying to Romania for a bit and then to London. The London trip was always planned but we added in Romania since firstly, we’d be in Europe anyway so why not see family and second, it turned out to be cheaper to fly to Romania (through Germany stay for a bit and then fly to London) than to take a direct flight from here to London. We like a good flight deal and so that means Ill be seeing Romania for the third time in nine months. I’m not complaining. Back to Europe we go!
The reason I’m able to take this trip and have so much time off is because I’m switching jobs soon. My last day at my current office is next Friday and then my new gig (doing the same corporate commercial litigation) begins on mid-ish September. That means I have one month of being unemployed Netflix and chilling on couches around the world. Guys, I sat today and thought I’ll be home for over a week straight before we leave for Europe. I can’t remember the last time I was ‘home’ in my house (as in – without leaving the country) for that long consecutively.  I cannot wait. To be clear, this month off will be a vacation vacation. Sure I’ll explore and look forward to travelling but Im so looking forward to just having nothing to do, no nagging work commitments just really free time.

Ok moving on to the “I put on too much weight in the last year” front, I’ve cut out refined sugar and wheat and eat a very low carb diet. I have definitely been seeing the results. Cooking has always been something I like to do and even more so these days. I’m having fun trying to make things that are healthy but still taste good. Maybe I’ll share some as time goes on but man nothing feels as good as seeing my old face peeking back at me in the mirror.

In reading news, I’m currently reading the Lake House by Kate Morton:

I actually started it in September last year (I showed a photo of it on Instagram in June 2017 when Danny bought it for me), but I stopped reading it after just over 200 pages (its over 600 pages long). A couple days ago I restarted it and I’m loving it!

Anyway, last thing, you’ll notice I’ve been around more. Not sure when my passion for this little space on the internet came back, but it did and I’m excited to keep posting (I know, I’ve said that before). Thing is though that I think my content has changed gradually withe every “break” that I’ve taken. I am nothing if not consistently inconsistent. I hope to change that but no promises. You’ll notice though that I post a lot more travel stuff than ever. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s the season of life I’m in and frankly those are the posts I like to write the most . It won’t always be that way but for now it is and I love it.

I’ve been recapping the last eight-ish months or so starting with our Winter trip to Romania, and our mini-moon in Tobago. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting about our trip to Germany in January (which actually took place before the mini-moon), our trip back to Romania in May and our honeymoon in Mykonos and Athens Greece. Of course there’ll be the upcoming trips to highlight as well in the next few months so… there’ll be a lot of travel stuff for a while. Just a heads up. I don’t know where Im going with this except to say Im excited to be blogging again, there’ll be lots of travel posts and I hope you keep reading.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now. That’s why I love these coffee chats and linking up with Kristen for what’s new with you once a month. Peace out guys!

Have a great Thursday guys!!!


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