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Today is my last day of work at my current gig and it feels so weird being somewhat free for a little bit. I’m excited for the weekend and the next few weeks, though Im honestly not sure what to do with so much time. Probably read, maybe write (I still do that) and definitely relax with some big smiles because this opportunity won’t come very often.

Anyway, super quick post today with some things I’ve been loving lately.

Currently Loving

1. Welcome mat – I bought two of these welcome mats for our doors and love them. They’re pretty heavy duty and sturdy and one of my favourite recent purchases.

2. Bonnet Cap – I always sleep with silk bonnet caps to keep my locs contained at night but they can be used on any hair type – most of my friends have them. My current has been at its end for a while now and since I’m travelling in just over a week, I decided to buy a cute one. Its lovely. I honestly haven’t used it yet but its pretty and feels nice. Ill break it out on the first night of my trip.

3. Black bathing suit – Guys I bought a bathing suit on Amazon that I love. It fits me so well and is sexy without being too revealing. Until I get my body back, I really have to cover up and this did the trick. The best part was that its very reasonably priced for a bathing suit and the material is strong. It will last a long time!

4. iPhone Case – I got an iPhone 10 earlier this year and if you know me, you’d know I have pink or rose gold accessories for everything (although I won’t wear the colour – just accessories). No big surprise that my case is rose gold. They have the case for other phone sizes too I believe.

5. Silicone rings – Danny and I both got silicone rings for exercising. His is pictured above. I got the rose gold version.

6. Portable Hard drive  and Case – I needed a 1T hard drive for a while now since my old one is full. I bought a WD hard drive (I forgot to put the photo in the collage above).  Of course, a rose gold case for it.

ICYMI this week I posted about the wedding traditions we didn’t follow and about my trip to Frankfurt Germany.

Have a great weekend guys!!


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