A mini-moon in Tobago

honeymoon in Tobago

First of all let’s take a second to acknowledge that its the first day of the best month of the year. The month of my birth. I love that the 1st August is also a public holiday here to celebrate Emancipation (… from slavery – all Caribbean islands have a day where they celebrate the end of slavery officially, which I respect so much). Anyway today’s post is a photo dump of our honeymoon in Tobago. Ok we honeymooned in Greece but we had a mini-moon in Tobago right after the wedding.

Let me explain. When we were deciding on where to go for honeymoon, we found out that Danny’s cousin was getting married in Romania a month after us and so we decided a European honeymoon would make the most sense since we had to be in Europe anyway. Greece was the chosen honeymoon destination and I was super excited about it except that it was a month after the wedding. I certainly didn’t want to head back to work the Monday after I got married, so after hemming and hawing about it, we booked a trip to Tobago with Danny’s family for a mini-moon. It was perfect for them also as it was their first trip to the Caribbean and they really wanted some sand and sea.

The morning after the wedding Danny and myself along with his mum, dad, cousin, her husband and his uncle and aunt all hopped a 25 minute flight to Tobago. Well … we missed our flights and had to hop on the next one out but … details. His family only stayed two days before heading back to Europe. We stayed four days. So technically it was a two day vacation and two day mini-moon.

Where we stayed:

Since it was four of us couples, we decided it would be better to get an Airbnb as opposed to staying at a hotel. More often than not getting an Airbnb (or VRBO) is just cheaper than getting a hotel and more and more we’re using that option for our trips. (PS. You can use this code to create an account Air Bnb and get $40 credit to your first stay – full disclosure I get $20 credit , but only if you complete a trip, and theres no obligation to do that).

We stayed at this sweet villa and were super impressed. It had 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a sauna, a pool, a jacuzzi and an outdoor grill. Basically we didn’t want to leave. For the price it was a steal.

I mean the view out to the pool area from inside was just gorgeous at night and we spent most of the evenings sitting by the pool and the jacuzzi chatting.

I was particularly relaxed during this trip since I knew that the wedding was over and that meant the stress fo planning it was also over!

I mean I was also giddy just trying to recap the day. Do you know how many times I caught myself looking out into the distance at the ocean just trying to piece together my wedding day? I mean, it helped that this was my view:

What we did:

To sum it all up, all we did was eat, drink, relax (seriously Danny’s sweet mum refused to let either of us lift a finger. She’s such a darling) and go to the beach.

Our apartment was close to a really beautiful beach, but the beach we enjoyed the most was my personal favourite beach in Tobago – Pigoen Point beach. The photos speak for themselves. It is beautiful. Danny and most of his family went snorkelling and coral reef watching but his uncle and myself stayed on shore so… no pics of any of that.

Honestly, you’ll notice that most of these pics aren’t the best quality and don’t show much and thats because well I didn’t take my fancy cam and I rarely pulled out my phone the entire time I was there. Danny has no pictures from Tobago at all (I checked when I realised my phone was lacking in Tobago pics).

We just really relaxed and enjoyed the family and “us” time. It was the best little vacation.

Danny and his dad in an intense convo hehe

All in all we are really really glad that we took this little trip before the big honeymoon (recap in a couple weeks). I needed the break after the wedding and we all loved spending the days together. I just wish my parents could have joined us, then all my fave people would have been in one place.

Have the best Wednesday guys!!


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