Peleș Castle ~ Sinaia, Romania

Its 2:25 am and I’m jet lagged sitting in my in laws balcony (what feels like my second home) while typing this. Since sleep evades me and I’m in Romania I thought I’d post about the most beautiful Castle I have ever visited.

I’m a bit delirious having travelled for over 24 hours so I’m sure you’ll understand why this post is more photos than words. I. am. tired. …. but also currently incapable of sleep (it’s 7:15 pm at home).

So let’s get on with it shall we?

So I’ve actually been to this Castle twice. Once in the winter of 2017 and then again in May 2018 when we flew to Romania for Danny’s cousin’s wedding. While I love Bran Castle, this is the both beautiful Castle I have ever been inside. It was built between 1873 and 1914 for King Carol I of Romania.

Both times I visited, I legit left with my mouth on the floor because I cant believe that this beautiful Castle was once inhabited by Royalty. I mean, of course it was inhabited by Royalty, but its just so unreal.

First off the grounds of the Castle are impeccably maintained and huge. We spent a good amount of time just roaming the grounds before actually entering the Castle for a tour.

Actually, in December we just wandered about the Castle grounds without going inside but we took an official tour in May. In case you’re wondering, there’s a tour in English and one in Romanian language.  We paid for an English tour and I don’t regret it for a moment. (In case you visit you should know that you must pay extra to take photos inside the Castle).

Ok so lets go inside shall we?

As soon as you enter its pretty clear that this is no ordinary Castle and that a lot of effort was placed in the little details. I mean every single room was filled with intricate little architectural details that you just know took years to construct. King Carol was known to be a very particular man and it shows in the beautiful work of art that is Castelul Peles.

Again, the details….

Did I mention that several of the ceilings are gold plated? They are.

Excuse the lights in the next photo. I didn’t correctly adjust my settings and well…. it shows.

Of course as is typical for me, I was very interested in whether the Castle had a library. Of course it did.

Look at all those beautiful books.

If i’m being honest, my favourite room wasn’t even the bedroom, it was the biggest dining room. I mean … how was this 100 years ago?

It is stunning.

Of course these photos are a drop in the bucket for this Castle. It is enormous and has so many nooks and crannies, secret rooms, bedrooms and chambers that I simply could not post it all.

Just know it is a beautiful Castle.

If you have the chance, do visit. Its worth a visit to Romania just to see this absolute gem.

Sunday is my birthday and I’ll likely be in the mountains of Romania with Danny and his parents. Of course since I’m very behind in posts it’ll probably be a month or two before those photos surface on the blog so follow me on Instagram for real time photos of my trip.

Have a great Thursday guys!!


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