Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 9

Park Plaza London Riverbank guest photo

Photos of the yummy chocolate croissants we had for Breakfast one morning in London

This post was actually supposed to go up last Thursday, but somewhere between being extremely jet lagged after returning from our last trip and starting my new job, I just never got around to completing it.

If we were having coffee and I were to sum up the past month or so, I ‘d say that our recent trip to Europe was arguably the best vacation I have ever taken. Not even kidding. It was exactly what I needed before starting a new job. Saying its the best vacation ever is a huge deal – I mean we went to Greece this year and that was the number one country on my travel bucket list. But this vacation was just beautiful.

To sum it up: we road tripped around Romania for over a week and I got to see so much more of the beautiful country. At one point we actually got to the border of Ukraine but decided not to cross. I love how I made it sound like it was a decision I made. Truthfully, I couldn’t cross without a VISA – which is why we didn’t even try.

I was fine with that though because Romania is gorgeous … even though I am an anomoly in certain parts of the country (no, really … an extremely short black girl with locs is a lot for the people in the countrysides to take in ha!).

Aside…. just look how beautiful this street in old town Sibiu is:

To top the trip off we spent four days in London. I have said many times here and IRL that London is my favourite city (I love Sydney as well). I could live there. Because I am a citizen of a Commonwealth country, I could work there. I could easily relocate to London because I love it so much and that makes it tough to leave every time.  I fell even more in love with it this time – seeing it for the first time with Danny. This was our first trip together to London even though we’ve both been separately before and we had such a good time. I seriously almost cried when we left. I’m rambling but you get the point – Ill always have a special place in my heart for London.

We got back from the trip on a Friday and the next Monday I jumped head first into my new position in a new law Firm. At my old Firm I was an Associate – one of the most junior at that Firm. At my current job I’m a Senior Associate with more responsibilities and younger Associates to mentor. I’m really enjoying it so far. I don’t talk much about my job on here, but know that I love being a litigation attorney and going to Court and all of it – its always been what I wanted to do. I’m hopeful that I’m at a place where I can grow even further in my career.

As for travel, for the first time in a long time I don’t have any trips in the immediate future … though I have toyed with the idea of running to the US for Thanksgiving and/or a couple other islands over long weekends. We’ll see. I think my cat is happy the suitcases are finally put away. Seriously – she gets real anxiety at the sight of them.

Basically, life is good in this hood. Not perfect by any means (there was a moment of “wtf” and a couple tears shed in the last month) but I’m acutely aware that I’m incredibly blessed at the moment.

Oh, I bought a bunch of random things for my new office in that last couple weeks, so check back tomorrow for my currently loving list.

Have a great Thursday!!


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