Currently Loving ~ Back to work Edition

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Guys I’m not sure where September went. How is October next week and how have I been at my new job for over three weeks? It boggles my mind.

Anyway, speaking of new job, it’s still going great. A few weeks back when I was still in Europe and on a five hour long road trip I decided to scroll through Amazon. I tumbled (or rather ran) all the way down the rabbit hole and made some pretty impulsive, but good, purchases to start my new job with some … well, new things.

I had been at my other job for years and didn’t want to carry over every single item for my office. On top of that, the things I used for coffee and lunches etc were just plain old and getting kinda gross. So here’s what I got.

PS. I love them all. 

PPS. Yes I love rose gold/pink.

Currently Loving

Office Decor

Office Organizer Set – Most law firm offices come with this stuff, but I always replace them with some of my own for a personal touch. I love this soooo much! Yeah they’re pink but I balanced it all out with other neutral decorative pieces. One day I’ll photograph a bit of my office space. I promise its still professional ha!

Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag – If you ignore anything else on this list, don’t ignore this one. This is the best lunch bag Ive ever owned and that says something since I always get pretty cute lunch bags. Its stylish, sleek, sturdy and most importantly its insulated and actually does what it was made to do!. I love this so much. Its a bit on the pricey end but considering how many uses you’d get out of it (years I’m sure) its totally worth it. At least to me.

Meal Prep Containers – I have so many containers (with and without covers of course), but most are one or two compartment containers. For months I’d been eyeing these because I needed 3 compartment containers (I like to have a protein and two types of veggies or whatever for lunch). These seal so well and pretty sturdy. Yes they’re pink.

Cat Coffee Mug – I was supposed to get a new kitten earlier this month to join my first fur baby Chanel, but unfortunately fell through. Since I needed a new work coffee mug and couldn’t have a new fur baby, I got a cat mug. Makes total sense in my head. This mug is the cutest thing I ever bought and I not so secretly hope it lasts forever. Its pretty sturdy (and like I said – cute!)

Healthy Human Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle – I drink water all day at my desk. The tumbler I used for over three years was just gross and cracked and a mess. I have an insulated mug at home but heard great things about this brand so I bought this one for work. Bonus – it comes with the stainless steel straw and a brush to clean it!

That’s what I’m currently loving this Friday.

What are your work must haves?

Have a great Friday and weekend!!


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