Two day stay at the Tropikist Beach Hotel Tobago

Hey there. It was a long weekend for us here so I read a couple books and took a chance to relax my body and mind. I haven’t been able to do that since we got back a couple weeks ago from our trip. Today’s post is a review of the Tropikist Beach Hotel, the hotel we stayed at in Tobago before we left for Romania.

While me and the bed were becoming best of friends this weekend, I also took the time to go through some of the hundreds of photos that we took on our last trip. There are so many photos. I realised pretty quickly that I ended up taking lots of photos of the many hotels we stayed in over three weeks (in three different countries) so naturally I decided that I’m going to review each hotel . No this isn’t sponsored (#iwish).

Anyway, when we left in August for my birthday trip, we spent two days in Tobago before heading to Romania. I love Tobago and find any excuse to hope a short plan ride there – we even had our mini-moon there. We were scouting for a deal as this part of the trip was impromptu (and my idea – Im the spender in this coupling for sure) and we landed upon really cute hotel that neither of us had stayed in before (we typically stay in the same places everytime we head to Tobago).

The Hotel didn’t disappoint.

General Details:

Since we were only staying for two days and had a ten hour flight from Tobago, we decided that we wanted to stay really close to the airport so we didn’t have a big rush on the Tuesday afternoon we were leaving. The hotel was about a five minute drive from airport so super close. We rented a car since we did want to drive to different beaches, but even if we didn’t it would have been a 10 minute stroll from the airport. Like I said – super close.

The hotel is also close to the two main popular beaches on the island: Pigeon Point beach and Store Bay and is just very conveniently located, especially for the price (the price varies but we booked through TripAdvisor for this one).

We took a ‘breakfast included’ package for the two nights and the service was superb.

The Grounds:

Ok so the reason I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos was because the grounds of the Tropikist Beach Hotel were just so stunning.

The Hotel is located right on the water and my favourite part had to be the little walk down to a jetty (pictured above) and chairs for a little seaside chill. We actually didn’t bathe in this beach at all but it was nice to walk out here a couple times a day to just sit and read.

I also really liked that there was a kiddies pool, adult pool and hot tub. Again for the price I wouldn’t have expected to have all those amenities. There was something for everyone to enjoy here.

The Room:

We booked a Deluxe King Room and were pleasantly surprised by just how huge it was.

Huge and comfortable.

Bonus: there was a balcony (not pictured) with an awesome view of the water (also not pictured – because #bloggerfail).

The bathroom was pretty cute also…

I’d definitely stay here again if its available. We hear it books up pretty quickly. Again, this isn’t sponsored but since I love visitor photos of hotels, I think Ill be adding reviews of the places we stay from here on out.

Isn’t it lovely though?

If you’re ever in this neck of the woods I’d definitely recommend the Tropikist Beach Hotel

Have a great Tuesday guys!!


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