A trip to Gorj County, Isalnita and Craiova Romania

The Coloana Infinitului by famous Romanian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi

I travelled quite a bit this year and haven’t even scratched the surface on posting all of my trips. One of my main visions for this blog and my blog Instagram is to document our many travels and to hopefully inspire others to travel and see places and things they never saw. So while everyone throws up Christmas themed posts, and lets be honest I have some of those coming too, I thought I’d recap our May trip to Gorj and Craiova Romania.

For context, we took this trip just after Danny’s cousin’s wedding and just before we jetted off to our honeymoon in Mykonos and Athens (ps… the next posts will be the Greece posts. Im only six months late with it). 

So after we spent a few days in Brasov Romania for Danny’s cousin’s wedding, we drove for about four hours from Brasov (where the wedding was held) to Isalnita to spend a couple nights at the grooms parents home.  Isalnita is a small town in Southern Romania where where Danny’s mum and his aunt grew up.

On the first morning we were there, Danny’s mum and aunt cooked and packed a bunch of food and the family hopped in a van to road trip another 2 hours to the Gorj County. Of course we stopped on the way to take in some sights. Our first stop was a city in Gorj County called Targu-Jiu where we visited the Parcul Coaloana Infinitului and Parcul Central (Central Park) to see the famous scultures: Coloana Infinitului (the infinite/endless column), the Kissing Gate and the Silence Tables – all hand sculpted by Constantin Brancusi.

Gorj, Romania

Gorj Romania

Gorj Romania

Gorj Romania

We chilled in the park for about and hour then drove another hour to Cheile Suhodorului for a picnic. No photos could ever do this place justice. It was beautiful.

I didn’t get photos of the beautiful scenic drive in to our picnic site. We drove through some gorgeous rocky mountains before entering a sea of green. We ended up picnicking near a river. I’m not sure there’s a more peaceful spot in the world.

It was a really good few days with our Romanian family and the memories … the memories are the best.

And now, two random photos from the trip because I love them and wanted to use them. ha.

Fruit picked from Danny’s aunt’s trees for breakfast

Toasting Danny’s aunts birthday and family

I went back to Romania in August of this year. I had hoped to have posted about that trip by the end of the year, but because we did a road trip around the country and therefore took 5 billion photos, I’ll start that recap in January…

Have a great Tuesday guys!!!


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