Happy Thanksgiving ~ 5 things I’m thankful for


We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here and while I’ve never been a fan of the origin of the celebration, I do think its great that there is a day dedicated to giving thanks.

And dang it, Thanksgiving food looks so good.

So, I wanted to quickly pop on today so wish all of my US followers a very happy Thanksgiving day. In honour of he day here are 5 things I’m grateful, and so so thankful for.

1. Family – My husband, my parents, my sisters (the one on earth and the one in heaven) are all so dear to my heart. I thank God every day for the moments I have had and will have with them.

2. Health – I had an up and down year as health goes, but its made me so much more grateful for health.

3. Job – I’m pretty thankful that I have a place to work that doesn’t make me dread waking up every morning.

4. Coffee – Because, coffee.

5. Seeing myself grow into the person I’m meant to be – I don’t know what it is, maybe its that Im getting older but I am just so much more comfortable with me. My opinions, values, beliefs, work, everything is just falling into place and im pretty grateful to have gotten to a place where no one can tell me about myself, better than I can. If that makes sense.

Take a drink for me today. Two preferrably.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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