Holiday Gift Guide ~ for the traveller

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Happy Friday!

It’s the time of the year when everyone is throwing up gift guides. Myself included. I honestly can’t believe its that time of year already and that Christmas is just over a month a way. We already put up our tree (last night – no decorations yet) and Im truly starting to feel the Christmas spirit. Yay first married Christmas!

I travelled a fair amount this year (and in the past). I’d say at this point I can legit pack a suitcase in less than half hour because I know exactly what I need. Over time I started to jot down what I needed to make each trip more comfortable  … and therefore easier so you could say I’ve had this post drafted  in the notes section of my phone for some time.

PS. By now you know brevity isn’t my strongpoint so I babble a bunch about all the products. I cant help myself.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveller

Gift Guide

 All items pictured are mentioned below

1. Backpack – Listen, I have always been a handbag for travel girl because I just thought I looked silly with a backpack on (Im 4’11). BUT having raced through a few airports well this year, Danny and I caved and bought a backpack to save the hassle of carrying a large handbag. This Samsonite backpack is the one we got (and what is pictured above). It is so sturdy, fits A LOT of stuff and absorbs a lot of weight. For context, I carried my laptop, camera, a change of clothes, my kindle, chargers for my electronics, a Romanian dictionary and my makeup bag and still had a lot of room in there. I really really liked this one also – preferred it even. It was just out of our budget for a bag at the time. Both are great options though.

2. External batteryThis Anker external battery is reasonable and very durable. I cannot underscore enough how important it is to have one of these especially for longer flights or layovers.

3. Camera – I currently have a Sony SLR camera that could use updating. I’m currently eyeing this Nikon camera.  That said, you don’t have to go expensive in buying a camera for someone who enjoys travel. A simple and inexpensive poloroid camera is a perfect gift (and is on my wishlist).

4. Camera lens – In case a full blown camera is out of the budget, which lets be honest, a camera is a major investment, then perhaps consider a lens. I have spoken to tons of people about lenses, mainly because I myself am in the market for one. A few Youtubers and bloggers (like Helene) use this lens with their Nikon cameras. Its still on the pricey side but much less so than the camera and your traveller will probably appreciate not having to buy both.

5. Comfortable footwear – My comfortable footwear of choice at the moment would have to be loafers. I own several pairs including this one. These shoes have taken me all over the world. They’ve walked the streets of Romania, Greece, London and several Caribbean countries without letting up and all the while keeping my feet comfortable. I highly recommend them. Sneakers also does the trick. Ill be honest, I don’t wear sneakers for any other reason than exercise. I can’t imagine wearing one for travel, but lots of people love them. I just bought this Asics sneaker for exercise and if I were a “wear sneakers to travel” type I would wear them. They are extremely comfortable.

6. Travel makeup bagthis makeup bag is everything and will fit all of your makeup. Its practical for longer trips as it really is best for checked luggage. I also travel with a smaller makeup bag (not pictured) in my hand luggage.

7. Sunglasses – I know its almost winter and sunnies aren’t necessary for most, but it won’t be winter forever 😉. Danny bought me this pair of Tom Ford shades for my birthday and they are literally attached to me.

8. Notebook – I love to jot memories down while on a trip so I always take a notebook. This traveller’s notebook is so neat and small – perfect gift.

9. Headphones – I never travel without headphones and these are the headphones that I’ve wanted for a while (they were on last years Christmas wish list). For a more inconspicuous look airpods (not pictured) work well too.

10. Watch – I personally like the Apple watch for travel as its so so versatile. It wont only tell time (and automatically switch time zones with wifi during travel) but is also good for tracking your steps, your movements, GPS if you’re lost etc. This is actually one of Danny’s Christmas gifts (he reads here but he already knows – just like I know Im getting the headphones above hehe).

11. Passport Cover – I know a lot of airports require you to show your entire passport but I still keep my passport protected. This passport holder will keep passports protected while not hiding the actual cover (you just slip it in and out) and these are cute for travelling couples (not pictured).

12. TripodThis tripod is versatile, very inexpensive and works for both phones and cameras

13. Bluetooth speaker –  On our mini moon earlier this year, we rented an entire villa for Danny’s extended family and we mentioned a few times how nice it would be if we brought a speaker. I personally think the Amazon Echo speaker (not pictured) would-be perfect to travel with or even this Bose speaker which is much cheaper.

14. Amazon gift card – Self explanatory. These gift cards come in so handy when travelling. Just this summer we had an Amazon gift card come in pretty handy on our three week trip.

15. Kindle – You didn’t think I left out the Kindle did you? I’m still a big fan of the Paperwhite and this new kindle Paperwhite has twice the storage of the one I got (which is honestly near impossible to fill anyway) and is waterproof. You cant go wrong.

Since I enjoyed creating this gift guide so much, I have two more coming in the next couple weeks which may be too late but better late than never.

I haven’t really shopped yet anyway. ha!

Have a great weekend guys!!


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