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These aren’t the books I read this month… I pulled these off my shelf to read them fairly soon-ish (see end of post – hopefully you can help me pick the one I should read next…)

I didn’t read all that much this past month (at least for me) since, like I mentioned yesterday, its been crazy at work. What I did read consisted of Netgalley reads mixed in with some
“hype” books from the last couple years that I just never got around to
reading. I’m trying to read books that have been on my TBR for a while and I’m also still trying to improve my Netgalley rating by reading out my dashboard so I dont see this reading pattern changing for a minute.

Jumping right in – these are the books I’ve read since last month’s post:

Loved it:

The Marriage Pact ~ Michelle Richmond

I finally read this book. It’s a fast paced thriller that keeps you on your toes all the way through, but as with most literature, a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief is necessary. The two main characters, an intelligent lawyer/psychologist coupling, couldn’t have made a more silly/unrealistic choice at the books very beginning by entering into a contract without reading it  (yes I did say lawyer earlier), with the ultimate result of them becoming members for life in a sadistic marriage club (cult) originally created to keep marriages together.

The book  annoyed me at points but I never once felt bored and I always wanted to keep turning the page. I also haven’t read a male narrator in a while and it was a good switch up for me. Many people hated the end but I didn’t. I quite liked it in fact. The book has its issues but I see no real reason not to give it a full 5 stars.

5/5 stars

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 The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid

Its books like this one that make it hard for me to give other ‘good’ books 5 stars. I almost took away a half star from the marriage pact which I read and reviewed first because I didn’t love it, or any book, as much as this in a long time. This book is the definition of ‘lived up to its hype’ and I almost do not have words for how much I loved it. TJR is just the best!! I really felt like I was in a movie or looking at a movie. I felt like I knew Evelyn, her husbands, Monique (the other main character), her mum, everyone. I got so deep with this one and I’ll likely reread it soon.
I love complicated raw characters that you cant help but love. That was Evelyn Hugo and her band of misfits. All flawed but loveable in spite of it – even Don (husband #2) kinda redeemed himself. I could cry thinking about how much I loved this one honestly.  I read it on the kindle but bought the hardcopy so I could own it and love it and share it when someone asks what good books Ive read lately.
5/5 stars
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Liked it:

Tough Love ~ Aalia Lanius

(received from Netgalley for an honest review)

This was a quick but not so easy read.
Quick, as it was just over 200 pages and I finished in hours and Not so easy, as its the story of a woman navigating abuse, divorce, dating again and even cancer. Tough topics for sure, but I love that it wasn’t written in a “woe is me” kinda way but was a story of overcoming and empowerment.

I think its loosely based on the author’s life though it is fiction and I’d absolutely recommend.

3/5 stars

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Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants ~ Herb Freed
(recieved from Netgalley for an honest review) 

I liked the style of this book. It was five short stories at the various defining stages of the life of the main character, Ben –  from a rabbi student to a rabbi, through all life’s experiences. Together the short stories gave Ben’s life story. I thought the concept was nice. It was also nice to get a glimpse into American Jewish culture (the book was also written by a rabbi – it is fiction though). There was also a lot of dry humour which I appreciated.

Where it fell short for me: there were a lot of Hebrew words with no explanation so I had to keep searching for the meanings (thanks kindle for that feature). Also I kept getting distracted while reading it – its a short book but didn’t always  hold my attention if that makes sense. Id still recommend.

3/5 stars

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Not my vibe:

Final Roasting Place ~ Devon Delaney

(received from Netgalley for an honest review)

I could not connect with this book. Maybe its because its book two of a series and I didn’t read book one. I don’t know. Its a mystery following a chef who was more or less forced to use her ‘detective skills’ (she had zero) to clear her dad of murder. Listen IMHO that synopsis had more mystery than the actual book. I was honestly bored for most of it. What really really annoyed me though, was the weird associations the author made with food. I get that Sherry the main character was a chef but it was random and everywhere. A few examples: “her grin warmed Sherry’s heart as quickly as a spoonful of her slow-cooker chicken soup” or that time she was talking about a chaotic situation and described it as being “like football fans around a tray of buffalo wings” and the kicker: “sometimes my family is harder to figure out than how to make mashed potatoes without lumps”. Like … what ? No.

That said, it has good reviews on Goodreads so maybe its just me….


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Up Next:

Im currently reading the Rain Watcher by Tatiana De Rosnay but I should be done with it tonight and will want to start another book tomorrow.

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