(Christmas) Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 11

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So first of all, this coffee cup is mug-bae. 

Do people still use the word bae? It was always an annoying word and I never used it so Im not sure why Im starting now.. but I mean – its a cute cup. 

I honestly don’t have a bunch of life updates per se, but I’ve got a bunch of random thoughts so I’ll share those:

** This is super random, but I realised recently that for someone who’s fiercely private, I really have way too many social media accounts. I currently manage or contribute to five (!!!) Instagram accounts. One personal one (my first and favourite and the one I post most stories to and usually watch stories from), one for my cat Chanel, one for the blog (this is the one I post most to these days and the one you should follow since I share lots of pretty pictures), one for Danny and I’s startup, and one for a non profit that I’m a part of. That’s a lot. But I also really love taking and sharing pretty photos so the balancing act is real. I also had twitter and facebook (but not really) to consider but use those much less. I need to really evaluate my life choices in 2019 ha!

** One of my besties’ baby shower is on Saturday. I love baby showers and will always love baby showers. The mama-to-be asked us to wear pink and I bought this pink romper off Amazon. I bought the romper and like it but if you knew me you’d know I only wear black. This will be interesting.

** I also have a 1920’s murder mystery party on Saturday and I cannot wait. Legit can’t wait. I’ve never been to one before but always wanted to. I bought this dress and these accessories to wear and people better be ready for me to take my character way too seriously. It’s who I am – go big or go the heck home.

** On the Christmas front, its now less than 20 days till Christmas – how did that happen so quickly? Im not done shopping and I don’t know when I’ll finish but I regret nothing. Im not going to shop a lot and I probably will do most of it online because Im getting way more anti crowds as I get older and more set in my stubborn ways. It is what it was. Speaking of shopping, Danny and I bought these new speakers as our gift to the home and for our travels.

** I’m also supposed to go curtain shopping this weekend and I must do that in person which, as I said, is not my most favourite thing to do. Maybe time will multiply and I’ll actually have the hours in my weekend to do all the things. Anyway, I bought all new curtains for each room last September when we moved into this spot and Chanel has ruined most of them. Since its Christmas and people will likely drop by I should probably not have curtains that looks like Wolverine’s discarded linens …

** We currently have no travel plans other than knowing that we’ll be heading to Romania once or twice next year. Since we both cant sit still for long, we are plotting a trip for March and are currently considering St. Lucia, Bahamas, Grenada  or next door – Tobago … Who knows where the wind will blow us but we really want it.

Ok lots of random thoughts …

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Have a great Thursday guys!!


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