Highlights of 2018 ~ The year I became a wife

It’s New Years Eve (or ‘Old Years Day’ as we call it where I’m from). Regardless of the name, its the one day of the year that I get pensive and reflect on my goals and life and what I want moving forward (I don’t make resolutions but I do make general goals). I also take a look back at the year I’m leaving behind. And that’s the point of this post. I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and look at the highlights and most memorable moments of my year.

To say 2018 was memorable would be the understatement of the year. I feel like so many things happened in the past year that I struggle to wrap my head around it all. There were some crappy moments in the year, but on balance, the ups far outweighed the downs and for that I’m thankful. In fact its a year thats stamped in my history – the year I got married. You’ll notice that most of my highlights then surround that.

Highlights of 2018:

1. Rang in the year in Romania  So 2018 started off with a bang as Danny and I rang in the New Year in Romania with his family. We had been in Romania at Christmastime last year and decided to ring in the New Year with Danny’s family. We had a blast and its an experience I truly will remember forever. This is one of my favourite photos and it was taken right after midnight!

2. Visited Germany for the first timeI love Europe but until January of this year, I had never been to Germany. Well … technically my first time in Germany was on our way to Romania in December 2017 when we had a layover in Munich and went to a Christmas Market at the airpot but the was the first time wandering through a German city – in this case Frankfurt. We spent two days wandering the city and again, its a memory I’ll cherish forever.

3. GOT MARRIED!! – In April, Danny and I got married. If there was only one thing on this list, it’d be this. Of Course. Our wedding and all the events leading up are by far the best moments of the year. Something about all your nearest and dearest gathering to see you seal your love in front of God is just so special. Best week ever.

4. Our mini-moon in Tobago – Right after the wedding, we hopped a plane with all of Danny’s family and spent 4 days at a villa in Tobago for our mini-moon. It wasn’t a honeymoon by any stretch since we were with family but it was so special having that time with them in the Caribbean. We absolutely loved it.

5. Went to Romania for Danny’s cousin’s wedding – In May, Danny’s cousin got married and we hopped a plane to Romania to attend the wedding. It was my first traditional Romanian wedding and man we had an absolute blast. We danced all night, ate way too much food and I got a taste of true Romanian culture. Im so grateful we got to go.

6. OUR HONEYMOON IN MYKONOS AND ATHENS, GREECE!! – A few days after Danny’s cousin’s wedding, we headed to Greece for our honeymoon. This was the next BIG highlight of the year for me. I blogged a bit about Mykonos already but still have a few posts to share.. as well as my Athens posts. We had so much fun on our honeymoon. I’d 100% recommend Greece to anyone. I’ll never ever forget that trip and will definitely head back to the Greek islands at some point

7. Quit my job – Some may not see this as a ‘highlight’ per se. My last job was a good job, but I wanted to progress a bit faster than I saw myself progressing if I stayed there. In July, I made a huge decision to leave and head to another law firm. I still miss my old place but I do not regret that decision. Since it was a huge decision, I couldn’t leave it off this list.

8. Went back to Romania and road tripped all around the country – In August we headed back to Romania, because we knew with my new job it’d be a while till I had to go back, and because we were heading to Europe for my stepson’s birthday anyway so it made sense to pop into Romania. This trip was monumental and will take me months to blog about. We road tripped all around Romania for a full week – and I do mean all around … all the way to the border of Ukraine. Hands down one of the best trips ever!

9. Went to London to celebrate my stepson’s birthday – Ok this is probably one of my best trips…. In September we headed to London for just under a week. If you know me, you know that London is one of my favourite cities. I was really overwhelmed with emotion having Danny with me there for the first time. We both had been before but never together. We will be back. A lot.

10. Started a new job – My last highlight is my new job. It was a leap of faith stepping out of my comfort zone but it was worth it.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year. Like I said, no year is perfect and these are indeed the highlights, but I feel so blessed to have experienced each and every one of these moments. 2018 would be hard to top but 2019, I’m coming for you in faith that you’ll be even better.

Happy New Year guys!!!


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