Sunsets in Little Venice Mykonos

Mykonos is an undeniably gorgeous island. If I even think about Mykonos, I can feel the place, or maybe its more correct to say I can feel how I felt while there. It’s beautiful.

I think I can speak for both Danny and myself when I say that one of our favourite parts of our Honeymoon in Mykonos back in May was heading down to the ocean every evening to see the sun set. I swear you get the clearest view of the sun setting from Mykonos. Its actually the one thing you must do if you’re in Mykonos – at least, I think so.

Since its a popular thing to do, just be warned that there will be a lot of people gathered around Little Venice to catch it too.

A lot of people …

The sunsets were definitely a hit with the tourists like us, so each evening we’d leave our hotel and take the short  – maybe ten minutes – walk down the hills and through the neighbourhoods to the ocean front and the restaurants that line the sea wall.

I mean, these photos really don’t do justice to the beauty of the place, but I did try.

Some people sat right at the bottom of the hill or at the ocean wall or in the restaurants to take in the view away from the crowds. It was beautiful there, windy, but beautiful.

We made sure to walk there every evening and  had lunch/dinner on this side of the town quite a few times (more on that in another post).

But most of our evenings were spent a short walk around (or through) the town to an area of Mykonos Town called Little Venice, which was on the other side of the sea wall. Its where the windmills and the bars were. Most of the Little Venice Mykonos bars overlooked the ocean and the sunsets which means they were popular!

So we usually went a lot earlier and had a drink. Tip: You you should really head down to Little Venice early because… the crowds in those bars were no joke.

After some drinks and maybe an eat, we’d either walk down and sit on the actual ocean front to catch the view front and centre, or just sit at the bar and enjoy the view with drinks.

Again, if you want a front row seat that’s not at a bar, you’d better head down to the ocean front before the crowds come in.

And then, the sun sets…

… and its in your face beautiful. I don’t know that I ever felt so absolutely free and calm as in the moments watching the sunsets in Little Venice Mykonos.

My dream was always to honeymoon in Santorini, but I am so so glad we made the switch to Mykonos. It was the perfect spot to celebrate our wedded-ness.

Have a great Thursday guys!


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