Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 12 (Words of the year)

I snapped the photo above just over a month ago at a local tea shop and was waiting to use it. I realized only after deciding to use it as the photo for this post, that it might be a tad misleading. My word for the year is not ‘enjoy’ (though heck, I might throw it in there for fun).

Ok so lets take a sip of coffee, backtrack a bit and take a look at last years word. the word was Health.

I actually giggled writing that.

Spoiler: My health in 2018 was the worst its ever been. High blood pressure – check, growing midsection because Ive ignored my PCOS struggles – check. Now, its entirely my fault that I currently look like a heffalump. I know this. But good came of it. My failure to be consistent with my health upkeep in 2018 is also the reason I chose the words that I have for this year. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great 2018, but how much better it would have been if I challenged myself to the two things Im challenging myself to this year.

In the latter half of 2018, it became clear what my two words for  2019 should be – its the two things I struggled with: FAITH and CONSISTENCY. To be clear, these words aren’t resolutions, and may not even be goals. They are challenges for me and my actual goal is to be honest with myself in these areas and to truly work on them in 2019.


Sometime in the last few years I became a negative Nancy. I can’t even stand to be around consistently negative people, and yet thats exactly what I was doing. I’d become so used to imagining the worst and even expecting it that it was second nature. It’s simply not a good way to live.

My challenge this year is to live in faith. To walk in faith.

That doesn’t just mean I should actually find my butt in church on Sundays (which is an important part of faith for me, though I get its not that for everyone) but it also means that I must believe and speak the things that aren’t yet as though they are. I must give myself a chance at success by believing that I’ll succeed.

Shortly before the new year I began to challenge myself to speak things into existence, to speak positive words over my life. To write these positive things down. It’s done wonders. My challenge is to continue to do these things and to continue to work on a positive mindset consistently… which leads to the second word of the year.


I’ve always struggled with being consistent.

.. and that applied to all areas of life: I would make good lifestyle choices with food and then slip and fall off, I’d clean my house every day for a few weeks … and then fall off, I’d start exercising and …. you get the drill. I struggle hard with consistency. If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably already know I’m inconsistent. In the last few years, after the holidays, I’d slip off and just not blog, then in June or so I’d suddenly kick it into gear again. Go ahead look at my archives and you’ll see. I’m simply not consistent and that is why my word for last year failed.

My challenge for this year is to aim for consistency daily, even in the most menial of tasks and on a bigger scale – for my health, work, blog and household. I want to be so consistent that my choices become habits and my habits become a part of who I am. These are things that matter to me and that require my consistency to thrive so I must challenge myself daily.


So those are the challenges that I’ve given myself for 2019 in the guise of “words of the year”. They aren’t specific to one thing, I don’t expect a grand change because the date of the year changed (I wish), but I see the new year as a clean slate and a way to measure my progress.

PS. Its the 3rd day of January already… wasn’t it just Christmas?? Slow down 2019, I plan to enjoy you to the fullest. Consistently, and in faith.

Have a great day guys!!


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