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Hey guys! How is January already 11 days old? Wasn’t it just Christmas? I really don’t want to rush this year away at all. We took down our tree (which was our only decoration ha!) last weekend and since then I feel like January has been in full swing. Work is hectic as usual but its been a good January so far.

I had a travel post scheduled for today but then I remembered I really wanted to share these items that Ive been absolutely obsessed with lately. Most have to do with fitness, and there’s one random household item, but trust me when I say I use all of these things near daily.

Currently loving:

1. Icyzone activewear Racerback – I really wanted some good quality racerback tees for the gym and saw these on Amazon. You get three in a pack for so cheap! And what’s surprising is that they are such good quality for the price. I got two sets and love them all. Really good colour options too.

2. Running shorts – I got these shorts off of amazon.  The quality on these are impeccable and most important – they have pockets! I cant tell you how long Ive been looking for short good quality gym/running tights with pockets that aren’t bulky. These tick every box.

3. Fitbit Versa – This was a Christmas gift from Danny. I have always loved Fitbit but I misplaced my Charge 2 around December. Im a die hard user of the Fitbit app so I really wanted a new one. This is the cutest watch and so effective. Its much cheaper than the Apple Watch and has many of the features. I already got two bands for it, and maybe they’ll be in a future list, I have to try them out for a bit before recommending.

4. Beats wireless – Ok so after having them on two Christmas lists I finally got them. Another Christmas gift. They aren’t cheap but I love them and use them all the time.

5. Shower curtains – I wanted new curtains in the bathroom for Christmas. Since the decor is predominantly brown these were a perfect fit. They look SO good in the bathroom.

Have a great weekend guys!!


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