A Sunday at La Fillette Bay Trinidad

We haven’t spent a full day on the beach since last August (we’ve gone, but not stayed for hours). Since August. We live in the Caribbean. Clearly we aren’t doing life right.

The thing is, although I live on an island where most of the popular beaches are tucked away on the North Coast between mountains. No matter where you live, its a bit of a drive to get to them.

Anyway, Sunday we actually got off our butts packed the car and drove to the beach with a couple of Danny’s friends. We passed two of the more popular beaches (Maracas & Las Cuevas for the trinis reading this – both were crowded) and went to a new to us beach – La Fillette Bay, a tiny little beach on the North Coast. The entire beach is maybe a mile long (it is a Bay really).

When you get to there you have to walk down quite a few steps before you get to the actual Beach. The view on the walk down is stunning.

And well, the Bay itself was gorgeous. And quiet. Very quintessential Caribbean. A beach that caters more for the locals than tourists, and by that I mean, there are no stalls, no chairs with umbrellas, no bars… just the beach. Of course tourists can enjoy it (my husband isn’t originally from here) but there are no bells and whistles.

We saw hundreds of people on the more popular beaches but this beach, well it was pretty empty. And perfect.

I did what I do at the beach. Read. No surprises.

(Aside: This book is soooo good. I think it’ll be my first five star read of 2019)

And Danny did what he does at the beach – got a tan.

He didn’t tan for long don’t worry.

The sun was absolutely brutal and we all tucked ourself under a rock and lay down. What a view though.

All in all, a good Sunday. Few things can beat sand, sea and sun on a weekend.

I write that recognising it freezing cold in many places (including Romania where Danny’s family is). Trust me, on the many really hot days, I crave the cold. Crave it. The grass is always greener I guess. 

Still, I do feel blessed that these views are always in reach.

Happy Monday guys!!


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