Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 13 (& A bit of a Storytime)

January took a year to finish, and now February is flying by. 2019 what’s happening? Anyway, you know I love these posts as they give me a chance to ramble incessantly about the randomness that is my life. If we were having our monthly coffee date, here’s what we would be chatting about…

Firstly, can we talk about the fact that save for one day, I haven’t had a real cup of coffee for the year? Ok, lets rewind. Im trying to naturally treat with some happenings in my body (nothing too serious depending on how you look at it). Anyway, I need to cut down on caffeine. The problem is Im addicted to coffee. I drink it all day long. Enter decaf coffee, which is a terrible alternative but still helps trick my heart into believing that some coffee like substance is entering my body. I drink it daily and at this point I love it for what it is.

Anyway, I did say I had real coffee one day. Let me tell you about that cup of coffee. My office is right opposite a really lovely cute coffee shop. Legend has it that people put on weight when they start to work in the area because of the lovely donuts in said coffee shop (its not legend Im totally referring to the fact that I ate a donut a day between September and December). To say I indulged a lot is an understatement. Anyway, so we had a Client visit us from the UK last week and while I was in my office, my boss (a Partner) popped his head in and asked if I wanted to grab a cup of coffee with him and the Client. Of course I said yes. A trip to the coffee shop is never a bad thing and I assumed we were heading across the street, because why go to another coffee shop when there’s one ACROSS THE STREET! Right?


My boss decided we would walk to some rustic Venezuelan coffee shop about a mile down the road. Two things here. We own cars, so why we walked, I am not entirely certain. Second, I was wearing my brand new, not broken in, 5 inch stiletto heels. 

I made it about half the way walking on the undulating sidewalk before my feet began to betray me. I’m talking Baby-Giraffe-trying-to-stand kinda betrayed me. Toddler-taking-his-first-steps kinda betrayal. Yeah, you know the vidoes with the girls whose feet start to bend sideways after walking in heels too long? Yeah. That was me. No lie. I had no physical control over my feet. I pretended my phone rang, stopped walking (I was lagging behind them anyway) and told them I would meet them there after I took this call. I called my husband and my mum laughing and asking how to solve the situation. I was standing on the sidewalk knowing one more step would mean the embarrassment of a lifetime. I could not walk. I was also deliriously laughing like a hyenna because it was tragically funny.

I somehow made it to the place about 10 minutes later and totally pretended I had an important call. I mean I’m sure neither of them believed me. I was sweating like a whore in church and holding on to the tables and walls as I walked in, but .. they were cool about it. Anyway, the point of this story is I had real coffee at that coffee shop. I didn’t almost break my foot and embarrass myself in front of a Client for decaf.

PS. I’m used to walking in high heels. I wear heels every day of life but I will never ever walk that far in stilletos again. EVER. Also I totally called our Firm and got a driver to pick us up. It was that or walking back to office without shoes because Lord knows walking back in the heels wasn’t even a consideration. I wouldn’t have done it for a million dollars. I blamed the sun being too hot for my inability to walk back. And it was a very hot sunny day, so that wasn’t a lie.

In other less embarrassing / weird news, I’ve been cooking daily at home since the beginning of the new year (meal prep is great and I wish it worked for me, but it doesn’t because I get bored quickly) and I’m down 16 pounds since Jan 2nd. I’m not exaggerating. I’m a little less Ooompa and just a bit Loompa now. I am sooo happy. This modified Keto diet is working!

Finally, we are leaving on March 1st for a 5 day vacation in Tobago and we cant wait. We wont be taking any huge vacations till later this year so we will definitely be slotting in some closer (we plan to see the entire Caribbean in a few years – Ive only been to about 4 other islands) and shorter trips in between there.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments at work? Please tell me!

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Have a great Thursday guys!!


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