Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 14


Since I spent 5 days on the beach in the last week, I think a coffee on the beach chat is fitting.

I haven’t been around much in the last couple of weeks and that’s because work was hectic and then we took a little vacation. A much needed amazing vacation. For those not familiar, Tobago is a Caribbean island and is actually part of my country, though a separate island. While Trinidad is very business oriented – oil, gas, business investments etc, Tobago is pure tourism and when I need a quick break I hop over there (its a 25 minute flight). I’m so glad I did this weekend.

Tobago vacation Tobago Vacation Tobago vacation

Its back to work for me today though, not that I’m complaining. Although vacationing with Danny is still my favourite thing to do, I do miss work when I don’t work for too long.

In other news, I switched my blog to WordPress. Although this site is still very much a hobby for me, I wanted the ability to customize things I couldn’t in blogger. So I switched.

Two weeks ago, I had no plans to do this switch, but I’m a pretty impulsive person so… things tend to happen on a whim.  Aside from me messing a few things up yesterday, I absolutely love it. It’s exactly as I’d like it and if its possible, its more my personality than any other design I did before (Ive had many designs. Like I said, I’m impulsive.)

Click around and let me know what you think. There may be dead links here and there, I’m working on fixing that.

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Have a great one guys!


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