Off To …

Hi guys, Ive been MIA for over a week. With good reason to be fair. I’ve been swamped at work, and when Im not working Ive been enjoying the Carnival season here. If you didn’t know, every year the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday my country basically shuts down for a two day street festival thats similar to Brazil’s Carnival (but better as anyone lol – google image Trinidad carnival for some visuals). Leading up to the two days, there are tons of parties called fetes. I can’t really explain it but its a joyous, happy, busy time of parting, enjoying and revelling. This coming Monday and Tuesday will be Carnival, which also means if you’re not partaking in the activities on those actual days, its a really long weekend.

Although I Carnival, I’m heading over for a small vacation in Tobago for the long weekend to enjoy sand and sea instead. Many do this also. Tobago does have Carnival activities, but they’re on a much smaller scale and really we just want to relax on the beach this year. So that’s what we are going to do.

Ill be bombarding my blog Instagram feed with photos so be sure to follow me there.

Have a great weekend guys!!


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