One Year

I blinked and I’ve been married for a year already. Im not sure when or how it happened but it sure did fly.

I can remember the wedding day like it was yesterday. I remember our parents faces, my girls crying, the threat of rain about to fall and me snapping to anyone who suggested we have in inside just in case that “its going to be outside so don’t ask me again”. I remember your face as I walked up the aisle and the peace that I felt as I knew it was the very first day of being a wife.

In the last year we went on a spectacular mini-moon and honeymoon, travelled quite a bit, lay our roots in the Caribbean and will (hopefully) close on a house soon. Its been a busy one and I couldn’t imagine it being with anyone else. While we were both very secure and complete beings before meeting (I think we were destined to marry in our 30’s), the sum of our parts have made for the best team and Ill be forever grateful that I married my Romanian prince.

Cheers to forever!

Te iubesc!


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