Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 15

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Coming at you with a rambling coffee chats post and a general update on life lately. You know, the kind where I word vomit all over the page and feel infinitely better after.

So its been a long and very overwhelming couple of months. Nothing bad at all. Just overwhelming. And when Im overwhelmed I sink into myself and let go of all things that could bring even an iota of stress. Enter a three-ish week break. So what’s been up with me?

Firstly, we are under contract for a lovely 3 bedroom townhouse much closer to the city that we are right now. We should close on the house at the end of May (yay!) and I couldn’t be more excited.  Seriously, buying a home has to be one of the most exciting life events ever. Scary, but exciting and Im so blessed we’re able to purchase, especially in the Caribbean where housing prices are frankly outrageous.

But excitement aside, getting to this point was not easy, and almost ended with me suing a real estate agent. It’s a long story and in the end I figured it was not worth it, but essentially before we found this home we were really interested in – a two bedroom, two bathroom condo literally 10 minutes from my office – it was love. Real love. It was just such a lovely little place in the city and I fell for it hard. Too hard. Long story short, the seller’s agent made promises on behalf of the seller that they weren’t supposed to make / that the seller did not agree to. We did not get the house and lost just under $1000 USD in the process. I was NOT happy! Understatement. I legit lost it on a prissy little agent and in no uncertain terms gave her a bib, a bottle, a binky and a seat. I also left a scathing review of their business at 2 am one morning when I was literally seething with anger (never write a review in the middle of the night folks esp when you’re on hormonal medication that can make you moody – more on that at some point). In the end, although I’m not going to be 10 minutes from work with this new home, we are happy, will be home owners soon and have three whole bedrooms – something I didn’t even think was possible at our price point.

Ok, so let’s talk about the townhome. It’s a cutie but a cutie that needs some love. We are redoing an entire bathroom, upgrading the kitchen (we wanted to gut it completely but that was too much money), fixing closet doors, painting the entire inside (though the owner just painted we don’t really care for the colours) and furnishing the entire thing – including appliances. So, basically, we are broke and won’t be travelling anywhere anytime soon. Joking. But only a little.

Side note: I love furniture shopping and can’t wait to decorate the crap out of this home. I’ve already ordered a bunch off amazon and have a lot of bigger items on hold in stores here just awaiting our closing date. And who knew you could fall in love with a freaking refrigerator or couch? You can. You definitely can. The furniture shopping is by far the best part even though it has drained our accounts. Significantly. Can you tell I’m just a tad salty about the cost of it all? Adulting is simultaneouly hard and good. And hard.

Moving on.

This month has also been full of other overwhelming, costly but not bad things e.g. doctors appointments, immigration interviews to prove we are legit married (we are in the process of getting residency for Danny), furniture shopping, kitten spaying, car fixing, baby visiting (one of my besties has a baby) and anniversary celebrating. It was a lot to take in and maybe, if we’re being honest, our coordination of big life events wasn’t the best, but Im so thankful for Danny through this and every overwhelming process this month. He is patient when I’m a moody mess, kind when I’m an ogre and logical when I want to cut a bitch. Balance.

So what’s new with you?

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Have a good one guys!!


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