A birthday at the beach

Not my birthday. Danny’s.

Also, hi, its been a while.

Life is good but Ive been focused on all things house: closing, renovating, packing, moving. Ill update on all things house and life in a post on Thursday but yeah, generally things good and we should be  moving into our new home in the next couple weeks.

But before Thursday’s post I wanted to share pics from our day at the beach Sunday. We haven’t been to the beach in a WHILE – we’re talking months! I know it sounds weird that we live on an island and haven’t been to the ocean in so long, but its actually very possible and the norm.

Anyway, Danny celebrated his 40th birthday on Sunday.Typically we travel for our birthdays (last year we did a staycation at a lovely resort for his), but the house renovations have effectively put a door stop on any travel until December when we will head to Romania for Christmas (if all pans out). Thankfully, I have an easy going chill husband and he was content to do a night out Saturday (we actually went to a club, like who are we?) and then spend his actual birthday at the beach.

Maracas Beach Maracas Beach

It wasn’t the sunniest of Caribbean days, and there was a bit of drizzling here and there but we enjoyed the cooler temperature and lounged the day away. It was the trip to St Lucia of Mexico we had planned but it was a good time.

There were lots of people at the beach and it was just buzzing with life. I don’t like a crowded beach, but I also don’t like it empty. So it was just right.

The birthday boy requested his favourite – bake and shark (a trini beach must-have) for lunch. He asked and I delivered.

And of course I did what I do best …

All in all it was a pretty precious low-key birthday and its always a good weekend when its spent at the beach.

Have a good one guys!!


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