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As of today, Ive read 90 books thus far for the year, beating my official goal of 80 and just 10 under my unofficial goal of 100. I’m pretty stoked since this year was a big one for me career wise, personally (we bought a house) and emotionally and reading was not always my first priority.

I struggled to create this list, as I always do, because I read sooo many good books this year. so many. To make it easier for myself, I did what I did last year and I chose my favourites in certain genres/categories since choosing generally is near impossible. The list is quite long for a favourites list, I know, but I truly do love all of these and would recommend them all.

Historical Fiction:

I love a good historical fiction as evidenced by just how much I read them. I narrowed down those I read this year to three and while I could have added more, because there were so many good ones this year, these were my absolute favourites.


Daisy Jones & The Six ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid

Undoubtedly one of the top 10 books Ive read in the last few years.

I absolutely loved this story of 70’s band Daisy Jones & The Six and I still feel it should be made into a movie. TJR managed to make this historical fiction feel instead like a biography of a real band that once was. I read this one on my Kindle and purchased the physical copy so I could own it forever

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Salt to the Sea ~ Ruta Supetys

I only recently read this one and I’m still trying to get over how utterly heartbreaking and beautiful it was. I absolutely loved it!

While fictional, this story was based on true events. The sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff lead to an estimated 9400 deaths(!!!). It remains the largest loss of life in maritime accident ever (way worse than the titanic) yet many don’t know about it. I absolutely recommend this one.

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City of Girls ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing. I get sunk into her books and simply cant put them down. I loved this story set in 1940’s NYC.

Told in epistolary form, by an elderly woman named Vivian who recounts the years of her life spent in New York to the daughter of the love of her life. Another book I would recommend be made into a movie.

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So I struggled to narrow down this category. This is notoriously one of my favourite genres and I probably reach for more books under this category than any other.

The Silent Patient ~ Alex Michaelides

I read this one quite recently and I really enjoyed this story.

I was really impressed that this was a debut novel. It kept me gripped for most of it and while I did figure out the big twist, I think it remains one of the best thrillers Ive read.

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Jane Doe ~ Victoria Helen Stone

Ok so this book made me love a complete psychopath because Jane was excellently written. Seriously, her character was just well done. The story was not filled with twists and turns and you knew at all times what was happening, but Jane… shes a masterpiece.

I also read the sequel Problem Child this year. It didnt quite live up to this one but I will be following along in this series.

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Sadie ~ Courtney Summers

A book in the form of a podcast.  It’s told in Podcast form from the point of view of the Podcaster and Sadie, the 19 yr old protagonist who endured a terribly troubled upbringing culminating with her sisters murder.

It remains one of my overall favourites  for the year.

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The lies we told ~ Camilla Way

I was recommended this book by Michael and I’m so glad she recommended it because this one blew me away.

It was creepy and psychotic and gripping. Just the way I like my psychological thrillers.

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I grew up with Romance being my favourite genre. It still is one of my faves and likely always will be. That said, this year I read a bunch of duds in the romance department. Real let downs in fact. Still, there were a few that I absolutely loved and that now form part of my favourites shelf at home. (PS not on this list are two books I really enjoyed but couldn’t decide which I liked better – ‘dating you hating you‘ and ‘the Hating Game‘ – both great books but so similar I couldn’t justify putting both on the list)


Love and Other Words ~ Christina Lauren

This book broke me. At the time that I read it, This is a solid 4.5 but I didn’t round up because I was/am conflicted about the end.

Loved it. Its a romance, but also very gripping and theres so much more to the story than the romance.

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Things you save in a fire ~ Katherine Center

I really loved this book. One of those books I could hug.

Loved that it was set in a fire house, loved the female empowerment message, loved the romance. Loved. it.

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General Adult Fiction:

A woman is no man ~ Etaf Rum

One of the best books I read this year overall. Technically this could fall under historical fiction but I thought it fit this category better. Brilliant debut!

I loved the insight this story gave into Palestinian American culture. I loved the growth of the characters and really felt like I was shown the lives of Isra, Farida and Deya, the three women whose lives the story followed. I would 100% recommend this without any caveats.

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The Art of racing in the rain ~ Garth Stein

I read this for a challenge and Im so glad I did. Beautiful story of the love for a dog.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about reading a dog’s perpective, but it just worked in this book. As an animal lover, I guess I was predisposed to love this one anyway.

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This is not my favourite category, to say the least, but I managed to read more fantasy novels this year than ever before and surprisingly most of them were pretty good!

Circe ~ Madeline Miller

If you know me you know I love all things Greece (we even honeymooned there), and especially a good Greek story.

I appreciated that the focus of this book wasnt a typical Greek God/Hero but the lesser known but still powerful Circe.

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Songs of Achilles ~ Madeline Miller

After reading Circe, I had to jump right into this one.

The story is a retelling of the Iliad in many ways and follows the relationship development of Patroclus and Achilles, two Princes (one exiled) who became fast friends and eventual Partners during the time of the Trojan war. Brilliant writing and a superb story!

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Children of Blood and Bone ~ Tomi Adeyemi

I loved this book so much I bought the physical copy for my favourites shelf. Loved reading about the magic of Orisha, loved that we had an African main character, and absolutely loved the writing and story. Totally recommend even if you’re like me and not generally into fantasy reads.

I just got my copy of the sequel (I believe it will be a 5 part series) and cant wait to read it.

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The Harry Potter Series ~ JK Rowling

I got the HP book set for Christmas last year. I read two last December and the rest this year for the first time (im still finishing up the last one but yeah).

I really enjoyed the series which is very surprising since I typically don’t gravitate to middle grade fantasy. I loved them so much that now having read them all, Ill be re-reading from the beginning next year to get a new perspective on the earlier books now that I know how the story ends. Oh Ill probably also watch the movies which I have never seen.



I really enjoyed each and every book on this list. The biggest surprise was that I read and liked fantasy novels this year. Its still not my favourite genre but at least now I know I can read an enjoy fantasy novels.

I’m hoping next year will be as good a reading year as this one was.

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