2019 Highlights

2019 was an interesting year. It was neither great, nor was it bad. I would say that it was very very good in many areas, and quite difficult in others. I smiled harder than I have in this year, and cried more tears than I have in a long time.

I will say that the highlights of the year have made the harder more difficult parts much easier to swallow, so I guess it was a good year? Generally I guess. It was one of those transitional years and while I’m glad its over, its one I’ll always remember.

Today I’m looking at the highlights of the year.

2019 Highlights

We celebrated our one year anniversary:

2019 year in review

Everytime I look at my wedding pics I see the zits on my face. I don’t get zits, but on my wedding day two huge zits appeared, because of course.

Anyway, one of the highlights for sure was our one year anniversary. I mean, I think every anniversary will be special to me. I’m so blessed to walk life with Danny and he  100% caused most of my smiles this year. Marrying him will always be a highlight for me and I’m really grateful to have him to walk through the hard parts of life with.

Also… one year really flew by, we are 4 months away from 2 years at this point and it just doesn’t feel as though Ive been married that long. The saying is true, time flies when you’re having a freaking blast!


We bought a house (and renovated it):

I shared this briefly on the blog this year (briefly because ehem I couldn’t get it together to blog other than my books posts). We bought and renovated a three bedroom townhome. Its not a large home by any means (blame location) but its filled with plants and cats and books and love and its ours! We renovated most of the house and upgrated some other parts. The kitchen pictured above was upgraded but not fully renovated and really doesn’t match the rest of the house which is super modern. I still love every single nook and cranny of this space that we made our own.

We moved about 30 minuted west of the island and I’m now much closer to work and much less stressed about traffic (though it still exists). I think people probably assume life on an island is always chill and beachy and no traffic. Not my island. We are an oil island and the business capital of the Caribbean – there is literally always traffic. Ridiculous traffic. Traffic rant over, but about 50% of the reason can be attributed to the horrific traffic.


We travelled (though not as much as we wanted):

Sandy Point Village hotel

In February/March we spent five nights in Tobago for a little getaway during carnival.

It was relaxing and just what we needed at the beginning of the year. I may or may not be planning another trip across soon because this girl needs some sand and sea.

In August on a whim we went to London.  I honestly don’t need much of an excuse to hop over to Europe since its hands down my favourite continent to travel to, with London being one of my top destinations. We stayed a full week and had an absolute blast.

We didn’t make it to Romania in 2019 but this year, this year we will. Soon, in fact.


Hosted Christmas in our new home

We hosted my parents at our home for Christmas and everyone had a blast. Ive never hosted Christmas before and I’m glad I got to do this for my parents. It was so nice having them around constantly for a few days as well. I cooked most of the food (with mums help) and we baked Caribbean black cake and bread.

I’d do it again but probably not in 2020 as we are hoping to spend Christmas in Europe this year.

We kept the two cats alive

I kept my cats alive and happy and that deserved its own section because I love these little beings so freaking much.

Those were my highlights. There were some lowlights though. Briefly: My dad was hospitalized for a brief period, I had my own health issues and work, which I love, was intense. Those things didn’t make 2019 the easiest year to swallow for sure.

In terms of the blog, I mostly posted reading posts this year, with travel posts interspersed. I have so many travels that I just have not blogged and its insane since those are my favourites to write about and share. Maybe in the new year. Either way, Im still here blogging, even if its mainly about books these days.

And that’s it. The highlights of a both memorable and forgettable year. The good bits that kept me going.

How was your 2019?

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