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It’s been an extremely hectic work month for me so naturally, it was slow on the reading front. Also, its March, and today is the anniversary of my sister’s death. March is always a not so exciting month for me, and my reading always slows. Im supposed to be going on vacation for three weeks at the end of March (if the corona virus would calm down) and Im sure to get a lot of reading done then.

Anyway, short and sweet today: these are the books I’ve been reading lately.

Loved it:

The Perfect Mother ~ Aimee Molloy

Im always late to reading these overly hyped books. This one thankfully was worth the hype at least to me (there are some mixed reviews). It follows a group of new Brooklyn mothers who all gave birth in the month of May. When the new mums plan a night out for the Fourth of July, one of their babies go missing. During the course of the story you realize that some of the mums have some dark secrets.

I was honestly hooked from the beginning. I thought the story was excellently paced. Although I figured out what was going on early on (as a lawyer I think I look at every character too closely lol), the unreliable narrator was well done. I understand the critique that there were too many characters to keep up with but it didn’t bother me much.

4/5 stars

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My sister the serial killer ~ Oyinkan Braithwaite

Really short but gripping thriller about a girl named Korede whose sister was (surprise) a serial killer. When the man she loves falls for her sister, the serial killer, she has to decide whether to save the man, or protect her sister. I really enjoyed the characters and although the book was really short, there was so much packed in there that nothing felt like it was lacking. While it is dark, it is also funny and quirky. I would absolutely recommend.

I was in between a 3.5 and 4 for this one for most of the read but honestly it was just a really solid debut and well deserving of the 4.

4/5 stars

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The boy who harnessed the wind: a memoir ~ William Kamkwamba

I actually watched this movie before reading the book which is odd for me. I love the story. It’s the story of Malawian William Kamkwamba who was forced to leave school to work on his family farm during a famine and who attempts to save his village from starvation by building a windmill from material retrieved from junkyards.

I loved learning of the people and the lifestyle of this Malawian village. While the writing wasn’t always the best, the story is so powerful that my rating remains high in the face of valid critique.

This is a story that needed to be told and that I’m happy was told.

4/5 stars

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Liked it:

The wives ~ Tarryn Fisher

I have mixed feelings about this one. It follows Thursday, one of three wives of Seth. The wives are kept away from each other and so there is very little they know about one another. Thursday narrates the story of her presumably polyamorous relationship marriage, but all is not as it seems with the narrator being extremely unreliable.

This would have been a great psychological thriller without the pitting of the wives against each other and without the ‘women are crazy’ dialogue.

All of that said i read it quickly since the story was entertaining so I’d still entertain.

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3.5/5 stars

Paper Towns ~ John Green

I can’t believe I never read this even tho I’ve owned it for years. I’ll preface this by saying I’m not the biggest fan of YA. It’s not so much that I can’t relate to the characters but more so, I find that they’re quite melodramatic (which is expected since the main characters are teenagers after all).

Anyway loved the dialogue (laughed out loud a few time). Loved the characters, even the stereotypical ones like Q’s parents). In fact the characters are why the books scored this high. They were well done and I truly enjoyed reading about each of them.

Ok so what did I not love – for one, there was a touch too much melodrama and I didn’t love the end.

3/5 stars

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Not my vibe:


And that it for the month!

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