A stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens, Trinidad

Its been a while since I posted anything other than my monthly reading post. I actually drafted a travel post with even more photos from our honeymoon in Greece (which was two years ago now I know, but Im still obsessed with them and want them documented). I’ll post that at some point, but I wanted to first share the photos my stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens yesterday.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

Does it get any more beautiful than this? Sweet nature at its very best.

I mean, we can’t exactly travel right now, so why not enjoy the beauty around us. I suspect that one positive of Covid is that we slowed our movement and can actually appreciate the little things around us.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

The Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

I should mention that when I left home yesterday morning, I was heading to drop off a package for someone and was not really dressed to leave the car.

The plan was to head there and then back home. Immediately. On the way home we realised that even after 5 years of being on this island, Danny (who is back by the way) had never visited the Royal Botanic Gardens, a lovely park nestled in Port of Spain (the capital of Trinidad and Tobago) between the Emperor Valley Zoo and the President’s house.

As a local, I’ve visited the Gardens countless times since childhood and Im really glad I got to take Danny, even if I looked homeless. See photo above for evidence of my homeless chic look, in black and white because I look remarkably less homeless when devoid of colour. The BW was not forgiving to the cat hair on Danny’s polo though :P.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

Im such a fan of gardens and parks that are in the middle of busy cities so it’s really no surprise that I love the Royal Botanic Gardens. The gardens consist of approximately seven hundred (700) trees of which thirteen percent (13%) are indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

On any given weekend (pre Covid) the Royal Botanic Gardens would be brimming with bridal parties taking photos amongst the trees before or after a wedding. If I’m honest, it was kind of sad to see the Gardens so empty when its usually so full of life.

We’re on a semi lockdown (no dining indoors, bars and clubs and cinemas are closed) because of the virus, so I guess everywhere is empty these days.

Still, there were a few couples and families picnicking on Sunday and I have hope that one day, life will return to the gardens (and the world).

I realise that although I very much value solitude with my people, and did even pre Covid, I also like having the option of socialisation. I guess that a matter for another post though.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

I mean, so many beautiful trees literally lining the pathways.

And beautiful flowers also. Sidenote: If you are from the Caribbean I just know you grew up with this flower in your yard. For those not from the West Indies, this plant is called an Ixora and you can find it absolutely everywhere. I loved making chains from the flowers as a kid.

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad

Anyway, the park was established in 1818 when Trinidad and Tobago was still a British colony (hence the Royal) making many of the beautiful trees are well over a 100 years old. That’s just wild to think about.

I love this place and would 100% recommend you visit if you live here or if you visit when our borders re-open (if that ever happens ha.)

Have a great day guys!!


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