My favourite Books of 2020

Favourite books of 2020

Well, after quite the interesting reading year, Im here with one of my very favourite posts: my favourite books of 2020. I mean it when I say this has been a very interesting reading year. My husband was locked out of the country for five months during the pandemic, and I somehow forgot how to read. To be fair, all of my energy was focused on keeping my head above the water, and reading wasn’t a part of that plan apparently.

I did manage to complete by Goodreads challenge (*pats self on back*), but for the first time in a long time, I’m barely scraping past the eighty book goal I set in January. Next year, I may be lowering that to fifty, not because I plan to read less (I don’t), but because this year taught me not to put expectations on myself that would cause me extra stress. I was stressed to make it to eighty in the last week, it wasn’t fun and it was forced, and I re-read a children’s book as my eightieth book just to have the number off my back. I don’t want that again, especially if we are still living in a pandemic. I still fully intend to read more than that, but if I can’t, I don’t want it to be another source of stress. You know? I also want to finish my own book. So fifty.

Anyway, of the eighty I’ve read, I’ve listed my favourite books of 2020, by category. To keep the list short, I only added my top one or two for each category.



Notoriously one of my absolute favourite genres. I have two that I keep remembering. In the case of Verity, it was absolutely worth the hype. The book gave me chills! Good Girls Lie was twisty and prestige girl school based so it was instant love.

Verity ~ Colleen Hoover

what i read in october

Good Girls Lie ~ J.T. Ellison


Historical Fiction

Another of my favourite genres. Ironically, I didn’t read many historical fiction novels this year. I think because they make me emotional and I wasn’t in the mood for that much. That said, The girl you left behind was every bit emotional and sappy and heart wrecking and I freaking loved it.

what i read in october

The girl you left behind ~ Jojo Moyes


General Adult Fiction

There were a couple of adult fiction books that I loved that either doesn’t fit into a sub category or fits into too many sub categories: his only wife, the vanishing half and transcendent kingdom. They’re all BIPOC novels (maybe that should have been the name of this section), and they’re absolutely gripping. 10/10 would recommend.

His only wife ~Peace Adzo Medie

What I read in October

The vanishing half ~ Brit Bennett

Transcendent Kingdom ~ Yaa Gyasi



I laughed when I realised the names of my two faves. Clearly I like honeymoon (or non-honeymoon) romances. Both cute and complex at the same time.

what i read in october

The honeymooner ~ Melanie summers

The unhoneymooners book review

The unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren


Young Adult

Ive said it a million times but YA isn’t my genre. There was one author who made me read more than one YA novel this year/ Elizabeth Acevado. Im reading anything she writes. Period.

Clap when you land ~ Elizabeth Acevedo

With the Fire on High ~ Elizabeth Acevedo



Truthfully, I didnt love this one, but its the only fantasy I can remember reading (except re-reading the first Harry Potter) so it wins?

Children of virtue and vengeance ~ Tomi Adeyemi



I did not expect to love a Jessica Simpson book, even though I watched and loved Newlyweds years ago. Im pleasantly surprised that I really loved this one.

Open Book ~ Jessica Simpson


Read Caribbean

Thanks to a local book club, I’ve read more Caribbean books than I have in quite some time. I love Caribbean literature and I loved these two, both set in Trinidad. Love after Love might be one of my favourites for the year in general (along with Verity and Transcendent Kingdom in case you’re curious). One year of ugly showed the sad but real side of Venezuelan immigration to Trinidad.

Love after love ~ Ingrid Persaud

One year of ugly ~ Caroline Mackenzie

Those are my favourite books of 2020. The ones I remember clearly. Have you read any of these? Did any make it to your own list?

You can check out my favourite books for last year here.

Have a great one guys!!


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