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Last month I read a lot. As you’ll see, there weren’t as many books in November and so I guess we’re closing out 2020 the way we started – all over the place. But in all seriousness, November was a busy month by 2020 standards and these days Im not forcing myself to do anything that doesn’t come organically, so reading took a back seat.

Anyway, this is what Ive been reading lately.

Loved it:

His only wife – Peace Adzo Medie

We meet Afi in small town Ghana where she is preparing to marry a man she’d never met and who sends a stand in to his wedding and who is emotionally taken by another woman.

It’s a domestic drama that I could not stop reading it. I loved getting a glimpse of the Ghanaian lifestyle, both rich and poor.

I won’t lie the story left me thinking so hard. I enjoyed Afi as a character and her growth. She started the novel as a child but grew up throughout the novel. I can’t lie, I also felt for Eli. His family was a special kind of awful.

I will think of this book for a while. Hands down one of my favourite books in November.

4.5/5 stars

Goodreads link here

Open Book ~ Jessica Simpson

This was a decent celeb memoir for sure, and I’ve read a few. I was a fan of the newlyweds back in the day and when I realized this was getting a ton of buzz I decided to pick it up. For the record, I never thought she was dumb. Ever. And this proves it. She’s a smart cookie.

There was quite a bit of name dropping which got annoying in some parts, but again, it is a celeb memoir, and it didn’t stop me from enjoying it. It wasn’t snarky and was respectful even where she didn’t need to be. Recommend.

3.5 rounded up.

4/5 stars

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Liked it:

Love her or Lose her ~ Tessa Bailey

I may be wrong but this might be my first romance with an already married couple. I can’t lie I loved the concept since so many people act like romance and attraction ends with marriage. I wouldn’t mind reading this throne again.

Overall it was a quick and enjoyable read. I will say though that I didn’t love Dominic – He wasn’t my fave love interest and some of his actions were just annoying. Also ‘honey girl’ is the worst ever term of endearment. Sidenote: I went back to my review of fix her up to see what I thought  of that one and I mentioned that Travis said ‘baby girl’ too much. I wonder what the term will be for the third book? Hehe

Also, and this isn’t a complaint just a point to note for anyone considering reading this, as with ‘fix it up’, the spicy scenes are pretty explicit.

3.5/5 stars

Goodreads link here

Whisked away ~ Melanie Summers

I read the first part of this series last month. It focuses on the sister of Harrison the male love interest on the first book.

Emma just graduated from a prestigious culinary school and returns to the caribbean where she figured she will run a restaurant at the resort she owns with her siblings (the resort from book 1). Instead, she is stuck catering to the rich and famous including Pierce a rich and famous author of a popular fantasy series with a cult super fandom. He’s in paradise attempting to write another book in the series to satisfy angry fans in two months.

Cute book, cute romance. Cheesy but (you guessed it) cute. Recommend.

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Not my vibe:



And those were my all my books in November.

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